Our 4 sustainability

Our sustainability pillars are those key areas where we excel over imported product alternatives and importers.

100% Committed

100% committed to supporting the local economy, community, suppliers, customers and environment.

100% Transparent

100% transparent in our communications. That means no 'greenwashing' or distorted marketing.

100% Control

100% control over our ability to lower our energy, water, resource consumption and carbon foot print.

100% Verified

100% verified by reputable bodies. Our raw materials and end products are not contaminated and are 100% safe.

A few of our
sustainability goals

As a manufacturer, sustainability is in our hands. With energy, water and cardboard being our largest consumption items, we're always looking for ways to push our sustainability goals.


CARDBOARD: How much we're able to recycle each day.


WATER: How much we're able to re-use each day.


CARBON: How close we are to being 100% carbon neutral.


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