You Have the Power

In this unprecendented time of hope and need you have the power!

As a business, organization, school, college, charity, church, foundation, billionaire, CEO, celebrity, community leader, successful entrepreneur, leader, or fortunate individual this is YOUR opportunity to do your part. You have the power to solve (or at least help) some our community, social and environmental problems.

Every time you leave a donation or contribution or partner with us you’re reshaping the way humanity connects from the grass roots up. You’re thanking and acknowledging the people who created the content and their role in reshaping humanity for the better.

The solution to some of our social and societal problems such as depression, income inequality, stress, student debt, homelessness, mental and physical health, better nutrition, healthcare, and a more caring, loving community can be influenced by you.

Raising another person’s self-esteem is one of the most powerful things you can do… and you have the gift and opportunity to do so. This is your chance to say “Thankyou. I appreciate you!”.

Here are some of the ways you can help.

Thanking a Content Contributor (i.e. Blogger, Author, Writer or Poster)

Simply go to the Categories and Topics close to your heart. Find a post or author that resonates with you, and press the “Transform Humanity Now” button at the end of their post. 100% of whatever you contribute is passed on to the Bloggers, Authors, Writers, Posters and Sharers of the content you read and enjoy.

Contributing to Pippies

If you’d like to see the good work we’re doing continue to positively help our communities, society, the planet and humanity, then leave a donation. We would really love your support and assistance, and for large contributions would love to discuss partnering in some way or form.

Becoming a Corporate Partner

Want real community involvement, change and positive PR impact, while helping us and others at the same time?

Become a School, College, Business or Charity Partner or Sponsor and we’ll work with you to establish greater presence and impact across multiple or defined categories, topics, demographics and social media platforms and networks.

You’ll be connected with our best and most influential Authors and Sharers and can even create a Scholarship, Grant or Prize in your preferred brand, product or cause name. You or your products will be advertised throughout the website, in our eNewsletter, and in posts using more impactful ads.

Reach out to us to become a Partner or Sponsor.

Become a Church or Parish Partner

Similar to School, College, Business or Charity Partnering, the difference is we carefully select Recipients, Authors and Social Media Sharers with the same religious beliefs, values and faith as you.

As a church or parish you probably already experience high attrition rates across different age groups and demographics, so having a channel to connect and re-connect with people in a way that inspires them to ‘come to faith’ is a powerful tool. We can even narrow it down to focus on areas within your city and close to your parish.

Pippies Church/Parish Partnering is the solution. Reach out to us to become a Partner.

Scholarships, Grants & Prizes

Want to encourage and support our bloggers, authors, writers, students and youth?

What about creating a Scholarship, Grant or Prize in your name, in memory of a loved one, your business, brand, charity, church, a specific activity, project or product?

Establishing a Student Scholarship, Grant or offering a Prize is a highly effective way for you to attract and engage dozens of bloggers, authors, writers, students or youth aligned to you and your brand or cause… spreading your word to potentially tens of thousands of people across social media.

It also gets you placed on our dedicated Sponsorships or Prizes page and eNewsletter.

Reach out to us to start a personalized Scholarship, Grant or Prize.

Estate and Will Planning

Leaving your body, doesn’t mean your good work needs to end.

Your legacy commitment ensures the vitality of Pippies and it ensures you get to continue to help your local community, the planet and any other cause close to your heart.

By designating Pippies in your Will, as one of the beneficiaries of your estate assets or through any other estate planning vehicle, your gift will have a lasting impact, ensuring Pippies good community work will continue for years to come.

We can even create a Scholarship, Grant or Prize in your name or that of a loved one, ensuring your name, legacy and work lives on.

Reach out to us to gift us in your Will.

Gift and Asset Giving

Some assets (or spare assets) may be better served elsewhere.

Giving an undesignated gift to Pippies gives us the flexibility to use your gift where it’s needed most. It could be an asset you don’t need or use anymore, such as an investment property, office, motor vehicle, jewellery, valuables, memorabilia or a collectable you wish to see put to better use. It may even be sports or event tickets that won’t be used and can be donated to raise money.

Donating unused gifts and assets is a simple and effective way to help.

Reach out to us to donate a gift.

Life Insurance Policies

Adding Pippies as a beneficiary on a Life Insurance Policy is another simple, self-less way to help us continue our work and perpetuate your wishes.

Leaving your body, doesn’t mean your good work needs to end. We can even create a Scholarship, Grant or Prize in your name or that of a loved one, ensuring your name, legacy and work lives on.

Reach out to us to include us in your Life Insurance Policy.

Where Your Money Goes

100% of all your contributions go to our Content Contributors (i.e. Bloggers, Authors, Writers and Sharers), and to financially assist our Pippies team.

Please reach out to us if you’d like to discuss other ways in which you would like to assist, such as advertising, sponsorship or partnering.