What is it?

Your Personal Post Bio is that short paragraph of information about YOU located in the red dotted box at the end of the Pippies Posts you created or shared on Social Media. It’s basically a short description about you…. your dreams, goals and ambitions for you, your family, community, society, humanity and planet. The reason your creating and uploading this content and good it will create in the world.

The Objective

The aim of the Personal Post Bio is to give your reader an insight into the authentic YOU… and a compelling reason why they should leave you a tip for your work, donate to you, contribute to you and support you.

What are you doing to make the world a better place? Are you posting and creating massive awareness around major global problems and issues? Are you sharing unique ideas and solutions? Are you sharing great art or photography? Are you fundraising, teaching or volunteering?

Why would people in your community ‘thank you’ and support you?

How to Add / Edit your Postie Bio

Bio Writing Tips

When writing your Personal Post Bio, make it heart felt and authentic. People will contribute more if they get to see the ‘real you’. Tell them about your dreams, goals and aspirations… for yourself, family, community, humanity and the planet. Tell them about how grateful you would be if they left you a “thank you” tip, donation or monthly contribution as encouragement to keep up the good work. Tell them about how their contribution will help you (or your family) achieve these goals and the good it will create in the world. Give them a heart-felt reason to support you and your writing, posting, pictures, videos and any other content you’re creating on Pippies and sharing on social media.

If you have any questions regarding the Personal Post Bio, please contact us.