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Aja Dandridge @ catladyb78
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    Aja Dandridge wrote a new post

    This Is Our Future Now? I saw this posted on Jimmy Fallon's Twitter page the other day and thought 'Oh my God, this is the most hilarious thing I've seen all day.' Obviously this was meant for a comic relief but it also is...

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    • Tik Tok. Totally tasteless and witless. What a waste of time and its owned by the Chinese government. What can you say? Boycott I say.

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    Usher's "I Cry" Performance Reminds People That We're Human, Too source Since watching his performance on both Global Goal Unite Concert and the 2020 Bet Awards this past weekend, I haven't found the right words to say yet . . . It left me speechless but also feeling a several...

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    If Dogs Don't See Color, Why Should We?

    A white person actually had the audacity to tell me at an animal clinic that some dogs just don't like black people. As someone who works with animals for a living, you'd think she'd know that while dogs aren't...

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    • So true Aja. Children don’t either until their parents and society points it out. To children, a friend is friend based on who they are.

      • I wholeheartedly agree. Racism starts to take root in the home and environment and then children grow up with the belief that’s okay to treat others differently. Parents need to start raising their kids to love all races.

    • Dogs are smarter than humans in some ways. Many humans lack the qualities that make the dog, human’s best friend. Loyalty, devotion, unqualified friendship!

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    Common Sense Explained By Trevor Noah source The fact that people are actually fighting for their "right" to wear a mask is crazy to me. Some people truly don't understand the severity of this virus, nor do they care about protecting others. Scientists maybe working towards...

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    Learning about the Transgender Community I'm a month late writing this but I wanted to show my support for the LGBTQ community nonetheless. Having grown up with family members and friends who identify wholeheartedly with this community has led me to brush up on...

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