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Lindsay May @ baerglin
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    Lindsay May wrote a new post

    Best Movie List!

    I am a movie fanatic! Here is a list of movies that I have been compiling for quite some time now. Hope you enjoy. Must watch: The way way back 10 things I hate about you Good will hunting ...

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    • Good list. I have copied and pasted it into a Word file for future reference. Some I’ve seen and you left off a few.

      Comedy: The Producers (The original one with Zero Mostel and Gene Wilder)
      Satire: Catch 22
      War: (and black humor) Kelly’s Heros
      Western: The Outlaw Josey Wales
      Sport (and politics) Invictus

    • This is a really good list. Your title is definitely accurate! I’ve probably seen half of these movies but my all-time favorites are The Proposal, Marley & Me(Despite the fact that I hate crying, I can’t help but watch it because I love animals), The Edge of Seventeen, Star Wars (just recently became a fan), and How To Loose A Guy In 10 Days. Obviously, I like a lot of rom-coms, hopeless romantic I guess.

      But in the main scheme of things, hopefully they re-open these movie theaters soon! There was a lot good stuff coming out before the lockdowns started happening. The Mulan remake, Black Widow, Woman: 1984 and New Mutants . . . just so much great stuff!

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    Michael Trigg
  • Bailey Diamondidis
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    Lindsay May wrote a new post

    Just Around the Corner

    It was a normal weekday afternoon and I had just finished another day of second grade. The teachers walked all of the students out to the sidewalk and lined us up while we waited for our parents. I waited,...

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