Pippies Planet Rescuers

Our Planet Rescuers are dedicated people and organizations doing what ‘needs to be done’ to help the planet, it’s inhabitants and humanity. We have 7 types of Planet Rescuers that work with us, partner with us and support us, and the causes we work with. Which one are you?

  1. Posters and Sharers (authors, writers, bloggers, posters, sharers)
  2. Donors, Contributors & Tippers (Individuals & organizations)
  3. Sponsors (Business & organizations)
  4. Partners (Corporate Partners)
  5. Advertisers (Business & organizations)
  6. Volunteers
  7. Staff

Pippies Posters and Sharers

You will also need to provide a personal or business Tax File Number, Social Security Number or Business Number and agree to our Freelance Poster Agreement, Terms of Use and Content Policy, which you will automatically be agreeing to when you register with us, and start providing content.

Nil. Zero. Nothing. Nudda

Yes. As long as you have a Paypal or Stripe account, or a U.S or Australian Bank Account you can become a Poster and Sharer.

Absolutely. You get paid generous one-off and recurring commissions, contributions, tips, bonuses and payments up to 80%+ on the content you create, share and refer. We’ve even developed a direct cause and effect link between the content you create and share, and the income you earn… rewarding Posters and Sharers for producing and sharing great work.

15 years or older. If you’re under 18 you’ll need to provide written permission to register with us from your parent or guardian.

Pippies Donors, Contributors and Tippers

You choose the recipient! Whenever making a donation, contribution or tip, you typically choose a cause ‘close to your heart’ where you would like to see it go to. You also decide how much the conent Poster and Sharer should receive for their efforts in helping and rescuing the planet. For example, when you read someone’s Post and then contribute at the end of the post, you’ll be asked to select your favorite Cause, the percentage your Cause should receive and how much the Poster/Sharer should receive. (e.g. 100%, 75%, 50%, 25% etc). You decide!

We typically make our money through the generosity of donors via a service tip whenever they’re making a donation, through company advertising, sponsorship and partnering and some voluntary value add products and services provided to our Posters and Services.

We are transparent with all our donor and contributor payments and abide by strict reporting standards imposed by not-for-profit legislators. We also engage 3rd party auditors to validate incoming and outgoing payments to the correct recipients, as requested by our donors and contributors.

Pippies Advertisers, Sponsors & Partners

That varies depending upon your sponsorship and partnering level. As a sponsor or partner, you’ll have center stage on our sponsor and partner pages, in dozens, hundreds or thousands of posts, in our newsletter and on social media whenever a Poster or reader shares content.

Please contact us to discuss the various options and benefits.

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