How we can help

Sometimes standard is not enough.

NuPAL provide custom made product and packaging solutions that are tailored to your product, brand or promotional needs.

From relatively low cost CO2 labeling, branding or promotional designs, to fully customised new product designs and your own embossed trademark brand, NuPAL will finds solutions that works best for you, your budget and branding or promotional goals.

With NuPAL you can be confident you're using disposable single-use products that have been tested by a world class Australian University to ensure they're 100% safe (i.e. contaminant and toxic free), 100% home compostable, have a super fast breakdown cycle time and go back to the earth as safe organic matter.

Our produce packaging range is coming soon and will consist of fresh food trays, sushi trays, egg cartons and other supermarket or fresh produce packaging in various shapes and sizes - all made from 100% Australian wheat straw bio-mass.

Choose from our standard COPAR branded product range, unbranded product range or contact our Distributor COPAR to discuss your own unique product designs, branding and custom promotional prints.

Contact COPAR today.

Recent examples

Embossed Example

New Gallery

Embossing is a high-end custom solution requiring your own molds and design. Best for very large volumes.

CO2 Burned Example

Copar Square Bowl

CO2 burning is our low-cost custom solution where we burn your brand or promotion on to an existing product design.

Embossed & Burned

Copar Clamshell

A combination of mold embossing and CO2 burning. Useful if you have your own embossed logo and what to add promotions or custom designs.

How to order

For all Australian and International sales inquiries and orders, please message our Distributor - COPAR.