How a father and daughter's quest for sustainability led to our beginning

Nupal's journey from an idea to reality first came together when a sole parent and his daughter decided plastic was not the way forward. The environment was just too important.


To develop products that can replace single use plastics, are safe for the environment, and are made using locally sourced materials, people and know how.


Respect, Honesty, Reliability, Resilience, Commitment and Perseverance.

These are the core values that define Nupal's culture and guide us in our daily work and in the way we do business.


Our management team comprises of hard working individuals from a diverse range of industries and sectors. We don't mind getting our hands dirty hands to get things done, and are always willing to learn, improve and grow.

Strategy & Goals

Keep it simple, keep it safe, and continually look for ways to grow, excel and improve.

We obviously have more goals than that... but that's a good start!

100% Transparency

With so much green washing by reputable organisations pretending to be green, we decided the only way we could prove our eco raw material and product claims is by partnering with a 3rd party institution.

Enter the University of Newcastle with their state-of-art laboratory, testing equipment and research team... led by Dr. Thava Palanisami.


In a world where old is often discarded for new we're taking a different approach.

Our production facility is a re-purposed 8,000m2 factory built in the 1970's to repair, maintain, paint and clean rail locomotives and train carriages.

Converted from heavy industry to eco industry.


A single-use plastic free world?

Is that even a possibility... and do we have the 'know how' and desire to reach such a goal?

At Nupal, we believe so. Come help us achieve it!