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  • How To Say "I Love You"

    Remember that sometimes love can appear in different forms. When your husband comes home from work with a tank full of gas because you have to go to night class, that’s his way of saying “I love you”. When she calls you after class to […] More

  • In Response to the Global Refugee Crisis

    Let us avoid, to the extent that we can, the arguments and differentiation between those refugees who are actual refugees fleeing war and its subsequent ravages and those immigrants who are“merely” fleeing oppression and impoverished conditions in their home countries. Let us instead focus on […] More

  • Why Government is not the Solution – And what is

    And what is the most likely solution? Government will most likely always be a necessary social construct. While there will always be those fiercely independent types who elect to live as far away from governmental authority and control as possible, there will likewise and conversely […] More

  • Ancient Farming Technologies

    There is no doubt that technology has advanced by leaps and bounds over the last century. Some technologies … computers in this particular instance … are already outdated by the time they hit the retail store shelves. Nobody is advocating giving up computers and going […] More

  • How to Do Good and Feel Fabulous!

    This content may contain affiliate links which may result in the content creator being financially compensated for purchases site visitors make. Would you say that being a ‘do-gooder’ is a good thing or a bad thing? If you answered, “A bad thing,” you would be […] More

  • What To Do When Existential Dread Strikes?

    Existential flashes — moments where you become very aware of your own existence — can hit anytime, anywhere, and without invitation or fair warning. Maybe you’re riding your bicycle on a brilliant, blue day taking in the sights and scents around you, or perhaps you’re […] More

  • Living A Good Life Without Purpose

    Have you ever felt guilty, restless, disappointed, or lost because you couldn’t define your life purpose? Everywhere I turn, I read or am told I must find my purpose. I have colluded with this dogma and told thousands of people the same thing — you […] More

  • Living a Meaningful Life

    Although we might think happiness – or the pursuit of it – will make us feel better about ourselves and our lives, research indicates that it’s actually finding greater meaning in our lives that, at the end of the day – or our lives – […] More

  • How to Find Inner Peace

    Inner peace is the state of being connected to the deep internal knowing that everything is okay, and always will be. The concept of finding one’s “inner peace” has been part of spiritual and metaphysical practices for centuries, and has just recently become more mainstream […] More

  • Discovering The True Self In All Of Us

    “I don’t think you are truly mean, you have sad eyes” Tormund Giantsbane ponders the true self of Sandor ‘The Hound’ Clegane in Game of Thrones, Beyond The Wall. Who are you really? Is there a “true you” beneath the masquerade? According to a trio […] More