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  • Breonna Taylor Still Needs Our Help

    164 days. Can you imagine if someone who shot your child while sleeping? Can you imagine if no one arrested that person, or those people, for 164 days? I’m not sure what I would do at that point other than sitting at the police station […] More

  • This Is Our Future Now?

    Hey, yo. PHD in TikToK check… — jimmy fallon (@jimmyfallon) July 28, 2020 I saw this posted on Jimmy Fallon’s Twitter page the other day and thought ‘Oh my God, this is the most hilarious thing I’ve seen all day.’ Obviously this was meant […] More

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    Why Netflix's The Baby-Sitters Club Is Worth Watching – Fandomize

    This article does contain spoilers to the reboot of Netflix’s The Baby-Sitters Club. The Baby-Sitters Club is a reboot worth watching with your tweens to help navigate their world and their futures. They tackle various issues that serve as conversation starters for parents and their tweens. Hopefully, the series will encourage younger readers to jump into Ann M. Martin’s world once more and discover the girls as many women in their mid-thirties now did before them. The series is an absolute pleasure to watch, and the updates make the reboot possibly better than the original television series. The series also sticks to the format of one of the girls narrating each episode, which I enjoyed as well.  If you have not given The Baby-Sitters Club a try, read my article to further entice you back into the world of these amazing young women.

  • This S*** Runs Deep…

    PSA: I did not write this, I only tweaked it a bit. I came across it on Facebook and as a woman and a mother, I feel compelled to share it publically on every platform I can. Facebook is already giving me trouble trying to […] More

  • Agatha's: Help Keep the Mystery Alive organized by Ricky Warren

    Due to COVID-19, a lot of small businesses are currently suffering. I’m hoping in the next couple of weeks to showcase fundraisers and companies in Georgia that are struggling and could use support from around the world. Dinner theaters have always intrigued me, and there are not a lot of them around anymore, let alone one with a unique theme. Agatha’s dinner theater has been entertaining customers for over thirty years, and we should not allow it to close. They have original and hilarious murder mysteries, and as their site says: Our special brand of comedic murder mysteries is centered on making sure that the audience is always laughing. On top of entertaining audiences, they also make the show interactive and bring audience members into the play. The seating is family-style to ensure that each audience member is in action.  Although, sometimes, one can be sitting across from other patrons there to enjoy the show as well. The dinner consists of five courses and costs $73 a plate for adults and $65.00 for children. Join Agatha’s for a night out and help support the local dinner theater by clicking the link above to donate to their go fund me page.

  • What Is Marriage Today?

    What is marriage today? What should your marriage look like? It’s all about foundation and what you want that foundation to look like and represent. It’s all about whether the partner you have or potential partner sees the relationship in the same light or that […] More

  • Life Can Change In A Second

         Some things can occur and change your life in a second. Time is always synonymous with change. It happens but sometimes when change happens you have no control over it. That which you do have control of is entirely in your hands.    […] More

  • Vegan Abattoir Hilariously & Geniunely Explains A Plant-Based Diet – Fandomize

    With all the alternatives out there now, it’s easier to get our nutrition under control to some degree. While some of those other options are a bit more expensive, we must learn how to take better care of ourselves no only mentally, but physically as well.  Taking care of our bodies is what gets us further through life, and if we keep treating our bodies like an amusement park, we are not going to make it very far in life. While I am personally unsure if I could go completely vegan, the Vegan Abattoir podcast has indeed brought to light some practices that I never thought about previously.  If you’re vegan-curious, you owe it to yourself to give this podcast a listen.  By clicking on this link, you can listen to each podcast. They are both embedded in my article, and you can gain their insights as well as my own, where I admit at one point I wanted to remain ignorant about some practices.  

  • A Little Piece of My Journey Pt. 1

    I remember being thirteen years old the first time I ever felt depressed. I felt fear, despair, hopelessness, helplessness, desperation, and overwhelming, crushing sadness. It was the end of June and I had just lost my baby sister. I had been an only child up […] More

  • Astaxanthin Is One of Nature's Ultimate Certified Organic Anti-Aging Miracle

    This content may contain affiliate links which may result in the content creator being financially compensated for purchases site visitors make. Astaxanthin is one of nature’s ultimate certified organic anti-aging miracles. This is just one of the many USDA certified organic ingredients you will discover […] More

  • The Last of Us

    With the release of the Last of us 2, I did a bit of fan art which was inspired by the connection the two main characters share.  Despite the connection these characters share, they are vastly different in terms of personality.  If you notice the […] More

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    Pushin on, will remember

    Your name haunts me  The forbidden past that comes up Causally The dark sucks me in  Lately I miss you, I think of you. The silence speaks louder  I hear your name in each chapter  Close my eyes break down and cry  I’ll hold on […] More

  • Love or lust

           -Oh mystery man, In my sleep how you make me bend so helpless and weak. I give in to your warmth your touch, your heart. Souls intertwined orgasm as one. Awoken, so sad it was just a dream. Only to feel refreshed, […] More

  • Marketing Is the Lifeblood of Any Business

    This content may contain affiliate links which may result in the content creator being financially compensated for purchases site visitors make. Marketing is the lifeblood of any business and your email list is your number one asset. One of the most successful marketers in the […] More

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