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  • The Worlds Best Songwriter

    In my opinion, Bob Dylan is the greatest songwriter/lyricist of modern times. The following are my picks for his best top ten songs of all times – not including songs from his newest album,  Rough and Rowdy Ways.  I know. Many people will disagree but […] More

  • The Importance of Shudders Scream, Queen! My Nightmare On Elm Street

    Scream, Queen: My Nightmare on Elm Street is by far one of the best horror documentaries I’ve ever seen. It’s such a great film and reveals so much of the fear, unfortunately, running rampant through Hollywood in the 1980s. Mark Patton’s portrayal continues to be underrated in the horror sequel of one of the most popular horror franchises of all time. If you have Shudder, you should take the time to watch the documentary this month and take a moment to understand this time in history and appreciate Patton’s incredible behind the scenes look at his experience during this time via my piece on Fandomize Media.

  • Really, Really Dumb Everyday Sayings

    Why is it that so many intelligent people fail to put their brains into gear before they open their mouths? How many of these are you guilty of? The following are some of the silliest sayings that come from the mouths of everyday people, many of […] More

  • Best Movie List!

    I am a movie fanatic! Here is a list of movies that I have been compiling for quite some time now. Hope you enjoy. Must watch: The way way back 10 things I hate about you Good will hunting La la land A new nigh […] More

  • The Magic of Laughter

    What a miserable freaking world we live in right now. The COVID virus wreaking havoc. Ill-mannered super stars mouthing off. Narcissistic world leaders inflicting their poisonous views on the great unwashed and dire warnings of global disaster breathlessly repeated on news ad nauseam. How much weight […] More

  • Keeping A Reader Engaged in Your Post or Article

    How do you keep a reader engaged in today’s “instant” news society? Here are a few simple rules Short, punchy sentences.  Don’t write carry-on sentences that meander through a dozen lines. Break them up. Use lots of paragraphs. Use amusing anecdotes, unless the subject matter […] More


    This post is just my opinion. Many readers will have their own top ten, most based on their preferred music genre and probably to do with the decades they have lived through.  My top ten is definitely an era based list. I entered my teen […] More

  • Little Richard

    Little Richard, one of the great icons of early rock n roll has died.  I have long been a fan and was fortunate to see him up close and personal at The Cave Supper Club on Hornby Street in Vancouver in 1970. I became a […] More

  • One More Minute

    So Gene is finished and the essential work week has been completed. There is an odd stillness combined with the scent of drying ink.  The gloves and work uniform have came off.  The thin paper mask is discarded properly.  I put lotion on the bridge […] More

  • Love in the time of Gene Simmons

    Today is another day in the time of COVID-19.  Life has been upended.  As an essential worker, I’ve used my downtime here recently to strive to find my inner artist.  In exploring art, I have found that an inner monologue with myself serves to ease […] More

  • Authenticity on AuthorTube and Other Social Media

    Within the larger platform of YouTube, there are sub-platforms for countless communities. Of those communities is AuthorTube, a community consisting of post published and unpublished authors. If you are like me, then you are still learning your writing craft and you may be looking for […] More

  • Birdie

    I feel alone in your arms where has my precious soul gone into the flames I witnessed you change in silence I will wait friend solace is your mate life is what you make it celebrate today as if you had five fingers and two […] More