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  • Arent We Better Together?

    As I have asserted in several posts, there are no human races on Planet Earth. ALL humans are one race regardless of skin color, religion, tribal origins, or country of birth.  Based on an examination of our DNA, any two human beings are 99.99 percent […] More

  • Agatha's: Help Keep the Mystery Alive organized by Ricky Warren

    Due to COVID-19, a lot of small businesses are currently suffering. I’m hoping in the next couple of weeks to showcase fundraisers and companies in Georgia that are struggling and could use support from around the world. Dinner theaters have always intrigued me, and there are not a lot of them around anymore, let alone one with a unique theme. Agatha’s dinner theater has been entertaining customers for over thirty years, and we should not allow it to close. They have original and hilarious murder mysteries, and as their site says: Our special brand of comedic murder mysteries is centered on making sure that the audience is always laughing. On top of entertaining audiences, they also make the show interactive and bring audience members into the play. The seating is family-style to ensure that each audience member is in action.  Although, sometimes, one can be sitting across from other patrons there to enjoy the show as well. The dinner consists of five courses and costs $73 a plate for adults and $65.00 for children. Join Agatha’s for a night out and help support the local dinner theater by clicking the link above to donate to their go fund me page.

  • Water, Water, Everywhere But Not For Everyone

    President Donald Trump has criticized water conservation efforts as not only a waste of time but unnecessary. Trump has blamed US water shortages on people flushing the toilet too often as he argued in his usual misinformed and ignorant way for the deregulation of water […] More

  • Hurricane Barry Reveals Climate Change in Louisiana Coastal Areas

    Hurricane Barry, churning around in the Gulf of Mexico, was the first hurricane of the 2019 hurricane season. Intercoastal City, Louisiana, first felt the storm as a Category 1 hurricane as it made landfall, but the storm rapidly declined into a tropical storm. Although Hurricane […] More

  • A Reason To Worry

    Insects are declining rapidly – here’s why that needs to change. What’s causing the sharp decline in Insects? Insect populations are declining dramatically in most parts of the world and recent studies show human behavior is to blame. Researchers say various factors including monoculture farming, […] More

  • Why Have Hundreds of Elephants Suddenly Died?

    Why have hundreds of elephants suddenly died in Botswana? I saw this tragic story on Digg from and wanted to share it with you here. Researchers in Botswana, where the world’s largest elephant population resides, are puzzled if the elephants are diseased or were […] More

  • Astaxanthin Is One of Nature's Ultimate Certified Organic Anti-Aging Miracle

    This content may contain affiliate links which may result in the content creator being financially compensated for purchases site visitors make. Astaxanthin is one of nature’s ultimate certified organic anti-aging miracles. This is just one of the many USDA certified organic ingredients you will discover […] More

  • Roots of and Solutions for Poverty

    The problems with poverty are multi-faceted, including both causes and effects that are systemic and … dare it be said … self-sustaining and dynamic in nature, often exacerbating the original causes and creating an ever-increasing detrimental impact for those under its grasp. There should be no […] More

  • 1/29/2020

    Can you believe the world today? I never thought it’d be this way The trees are screaming While men with axes are dreaming Of a future without forests They try to ignore us Ocean animals full of plastic This is way beyond drastic Mother Nature […] More

  • Identity

    For every person that is currently alive on this planet there are an equal number of identities specific to those people.  Good, bad, or indifferent, we develop an identity (either by parents/guardians or circumstances) as a result of simply being present, whether we actively choose […] More

  • Sharks In Australia Do The Pippie Dance

    Isn’t nature amazing? Just when you think you had heard it all, up pops something new and weird created by nature.  Check this out.  Tawny Sharks dancing. The tawny nurse shark is a species of carpet shark in the family Ginglymostomatidae. It is found widely […] More

  • The Planet Earth By The Numbers

    Planet Earth is the best place in the universe to live – so far.    Unlike mythical gods of both today and of past ages, the earth is not capricious, mean-spirited or spiteful. It just is. The fact that earth sustains us with a perfect […] More

  • What now?

    I learned a long time ago not to use the words “trust me” because I developed the belief that it was a person’s actions, not their words, that defined who they were.  In fact, I found that the majority of people with whom I’ve come […] More

  • In Response to the Global Refugee Crisis

    Let us avoid, to the extent that we can, the arguments and differentiation between those refugees who are actual refugees fleeing war and its subsequent ravages and those immigrants who are“merely” fleeing oppression and impoverished conditions in their home countries. Let us instead focus on […] More

  • Tourist Pollution Becoming a Bigger Problem

    The world has too many people.  And, of the current world population, there are too many people in the wrong places and not enough in the right places. Couple the “too many people in the wrong place” statement with the planet’s resources becoming more and […] More

  • Why Government is not the Solution – And what is

    And what is the most likely solution? Government will most likely always be a necessary social construct. While there will always be those fiercely independent types who elect to live as far away from governmental authority and control as possible, there will likewise and conversely […] More

  • Ancient Farming Technologies

    There is no doubt that technology has advanced by leaps and bounds over the last century. Some technologies … computers in this particular instance … are already outdated by the time they hit the retail store shelves. Nobody is advocating giving up computers and going […] More

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