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  • A Year Later, Kinda Sorta

    I’ve found myself in significant reflection this week about various topics—one of them being myself.  I think during times like this, we can all feel overwhelmed to the point that we are painfully down on ourselves. We’re allowed to have those moments, but we cannot stay there.  It’s essential to climb out of that hole. Even if we’re clawing our way out, and it becomes the fight of our of life.  No more than ever, we have to remember that self-reflection is a good thing and that self-care is vital.  Take care of yourself, and the rest will fall into place.  I hope you enjoy this piece I wrote as a reflection of a previous article.  It is also linked within this link if you want to read it first.  If you do, you will see the shift in my mindset over this past year.  I hope you enjoy and stay safe out there, folks.

  • Be a winner

    Life is like a game or a labrynth it never makes it easy for you but it makes it worth it. When we were kids and we lost at one of these games we didn’t give up we deposited another coin and kept playing until […] More

  • What To Do When Existential Dread Strikes?

    Existential flashes — moments where you become very aware of your own existence — can hit anytime, anywhere, and without invitation or fair warning. Maybe you’re riding your bicycle on a brilliant, blue day taking in the sights and scents around you, or perhaps you’re […] More

  • How to Find Inner Peace

    Inner peace is the state of being connected to the deep internal knowing that everything is okay, and always will be. The concept of finding one’s “inner peace” has been part of spiritual and metaphysical practices for centuries, and has just recently become more mainstream […] More

  • Discovering The True Self In All Of Us

    “I don’t think you are truly mean, you have sad eyes” Tormund Giantsbane ponders the true self of Sandor ‘The Hound’ Clegane in Game of Thrones, Beyond The Wall. Who are you really? Is there a “true you” beneath the masquerade? According to a trio […] More


    Unarguably significant sweeping change is among us right now across humanity regardless of the willing, active level of participation on the individual to collective community level globally. The time capsule of the past the current self wants to reminisce in what is languaged as a […] More

  • One Mans' Journey

    I have a friend who lives in TN.  He’s 20 years younger than me and almost everyday we text each other, “how was your day, what did you do today”?  Seems pretty innocuous, and yet, it’s a simple accountability check to keep us both focused […] More

  • 7Sees You

    “In these uncertain times.” Almost every advertisement produced in the past few weeks has begun with this melodramatic phrase accompanied by slow music in minor keys. I am thoroughly confused because I can’t think of a time when time has ever been certain. Time and […] More