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  • Cell Phone Etiquette for Dummies

    Owning a cell phone does not give you the right to talk anywhere you want. Cell phone or mobile phone technology has revealed that many, many human beings are just plain dumb and witless. So many people think owning a cell phone gives them the […] More

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    Amy Cooper Does Not Represent Canada or Canadians

    Personally, I think Amy Cooper should be charged with public mischief or something along those lines. She is NOT typical of Canadians or Canada. On behalf of Canada, I apologize for her outrageous reaction to being asked to leash her dog. Does racism exist in Canada? Of course it does. Fortunately, the Amy Coopers of the world are in very short supply here. 

    The border between Canada and the USA is the longest undefended border in the world. Why? Because Americans and Canadians are cut from the same cloth. We value freedom of expression, the right to free speech, and the right to live in peace. However, in every society, there are aberrations. 

    This is one. Please do not judge us by the actions of this one person.