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  • I am learning…

    God has special plans for us; we just had to be willing to mark the time off and spend it with Him and one another.  I hope you stick around for the chicken story at the end…haha!! #worhit

  • Death! Ugh! Something No One Wants To Discuss

    Death happens to anything that lives – eventually.   Some creatures, mayflies for example, have the shortest lifespan on Earth. Their life lasts only for 24 hours. Mayflies are also called ‘one-day insects’ because of this short life span. Death comes very quickly. Others, like […] More

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    The Politics of Decency?

    What is decency in a human being?   Ask twenty people on the street and you will get twenty different answers. The meaning of the word decency comprises a number of different values. The four most important in my view are the following. Ethics Honesty […] More

  • Ageism Is Discrimination Against Seniors

    Ageism is a real issue in today’s young oriented society. Some examples of ageism include:  Losing a job because of your age.  Being refused interest-free credit,  Being refused a new credit card,  Being denied auto insurance, or travel insurance  Receiving a lower quality of service […] More

  • Can I Live?

    Can I live? Yes, everyday black people breathe differently than others. Because breathing differently means knowing and acknowledging we don’t have the same experiences as others on a day to day basis. We walk around with 10 ears and 20 pairs of eyes. I as […] More

  • Our Lost Cousins

    Our last remaining cousins, the Neanderthals, died out approximately 35,000 years ago.  They were the second to last surviving bipedal apes before vanishing into the mists of time. We, homo sapiens, are the last ones standing. And, we are the final ones from a total […] More

  • The Most Amazing Machine In The Universe

    Exclusively created by nature. The Human Brain, the most amazing calculating machine ever devised on our planet (and possibly in the universe until we discover otherwise) is not one created by humans but by nature.  There are no moving parts such as gears or drive […] More

  • Lessons I Learned From My Two Year Old Grandson

    My two-year-old grandson has a lot of things figured out already.  It didn’t take him long.  He started walking around the age of one and has not looked back. There are no obstacles in his life, only challenges. Determination and perseverance are his unconscious catchphrases. […] More

  • An Interview With Myself (Part I)

    I am a 76-year-old white male as many of you may already know if you follow my posts. I am not a boomer. I was born before the age of boomers; actually, before there were any classifying of generations. I was born into a time […] More

  • There Is No Proof That A God Exists. If I'm Wrong, Let Me Know

    Which one of the above was Adam? In the history of the human race ranging from the earliest hominid with the most extensive evidence for bipedalism, the 4.4-million-year-old Ardipithecus Ramidus, through to modern Homo-sapiens, there is not one scrap of scientific evidence of any form […] More

  • If I Was Provided Three Wishes

    What would you wish for if you had three wishes? Some people I ask this question respond with; “Well, one of my wishes would be for more wishes.”  No. Sorry. That does not count.  Included in the fine print on being offered three wishes would […] More

  • Information Overload

    Never before in the history of the world have we humans been inundated with so much information on a daily basis. Turn on the internet and there are almost 1 billion websites at your fingertips. Turn on your television and there are hundreds of channels. […] More

  • Try

    I walk ten steps ahead of the man behind me, struggling to get far enough away from him that his stomach is no longer touching me. He can’t help that he’s fat, at least, not at this very moment. Still, some part of his body […] More

  • We Are All One Race (Part III)

    The Human Bush It was once thought homo-sapiens evolved down through a family tree, however from research carried out on many and varied hominid skeletal remains and bone fragments, scientists have now determined the so-called evolutionary tree looks more like a bush. All twenty-eight hominoid groups […] More

  • Eyes up

    Introductions to stories are, in my opinion, the most difficult portion of the entire write.  You have to draw people in, to convince them that your story is worth reading, with merely a sentence or two.  Geez.  No pressure.  To make matters worse, I now […] More

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