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    See Me

    When you look at me,  It’s like I’m not even there. You treat me like I’m a wall, like I am less than, like I’m not even human. I stay locked in your shadow, Afraid to break out,  Fearing that you won’t accept me. But […] More

  • YES

    Yes Africa runs her course deep through my veins. My skin, is a smooth russet from centuries spent in the sun And my hair, as thick as a lion’s mane. I am African American And you, a Caucasian But what difference does skin color make? […] More

  • Heard

                                                                                        “She stinks,” someone had […] More

  • Beyond The Ocean

    Midnight wasn’t Camila Cruz’s favorite time of the day. She hated the silence of the earth. The dark plains zipped pass her before she could even blink, and she hardly made out any of the local buildings. Traffic was scarce, having only seen one or […] More