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  • The Return of the Vampire Lovers!

    In seeing that Midnight Sun is slated to come out in the fall I have to admit I was so excited that I made a point of looking through some old artwork that I’d attempted.  There was a time when I was really really into gothic storytelling and darker art.  There’s something so magical, especially […] More

  • One More Minute

    So Gene is finished and the essential work week has been completed. There is an odd stillness combined with the scent of drying ink.  The gloves and work uniform have came off.  The thin paper mask is discarded properly.  I put lotion on the bridge of my nose and spray my work shoes once again.  […] More

  • Love in the time of Gene Simmons

    Today is another day in the time of COVID-19.  Life has been upended.  As an essential worker, I’ve used my downtime here recently to strive to find my inner artist.  In exploring art, I have found that an inner monologue with myself serves to ease my anxiety.  In short when I’m working on either a […] More