What we are

A planet appreciation movement.

The problems we’re solving

The ongoing neglect, abuse and destruction of our wondrous and beautiful planet.

How we’re doing this

By encouraging adults, teens and kids to post and share their love, appreciation and awe for the planet. Because when we appreciate something, we value it, care for it, protect it and nurture it… and when we do this, it naturally flourishes and thrives. (Conversely, when we don’t appreciate something, we don’t value it, we ignore it, neglect it, abuse it and ultimately destroy it. So it’s vitally we start loving, respecting and re-appreciating the planet).

A simple solution

Sure, some people may think this is a simplistic approach to a much more complex global problem, but it’s often the simple things that are the best solution. For example. Want to lose weight? Eat less and exercise more. Want to lower your cholesterol? Eat more fruit and veg. Want healthier teeth? Drink less soda. Want to help the planet? Then think, communicate and behave responsibly. Appreciate our planet. Respect it, love it and take care of it. It’s not rocket science!

How you can help

Solving our planets problems is really that easy because whatever we appreciate, we elevate. It’s a natural law of the universe and it doesn’t take much. A few likes, tweets, posts, shares, ideas, changes of behavior, habit, routine… and a few dollars a month. Watch the following Youtube video, and if the video combined with what you just read makes sense, then:

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  3. Share your own appreciation: Register and post/share what you personally love and appreciate about the planet. Your gift is seeing beauty and wonder in things that others may not be able to see, so share it, and perpetuate it.
  4. Become a financial supporter/backer: Creating a global planet appreciation movement takes considerable time and money. Become a Financial Backer and Supporter to help us expand our message and reach. In return, we’ll share your planet appreciation posts on our social media channels and we’ll see if/how we can go about getting you on the team.
  5. Volunteer: We need writers, bloggers, influencers, bookkeepers, accountants, lawyers, media and business to donate their time and energy to help where they can.
  6. Do all the above: 90% of people who truly ‘get it’ do all the above. They’ll follow, like, tweet, post, share, provide financial backing and volunteer their time or resrouces because they know it takes all of the above to make a real impact and create lasting change. Click Here to Register and start posting and sharing your love and appreciation for the planet.

The ‘pippies’ name

A pipi is one of nature’s amazing little wonders. Its super clever design and shape allows it to sit on the beach and suck in water and nutrients from its swirling surrounds without sucking in the sand. It’s a beautiful example of the simplicity and effectiveness that nature provides.

Sadly, pipis are only found along the coastal waters of Australia and New Zealand, and despite their remoteness they are in rapid decline. Pollution, warming global temperatures, erratic unseasonal weather and over harvesting by humans are decimating the pipi population.

It’s the little things that make our planet such a wonderful place, but they’ll all be gone if we don’t love and appreciate them. Show your appreciation.

The Pippies logo

It’s a Pipi of course! With the colors of the Sun, Sky, Trees, Oceans and Earth.

We selected these colors as a reminder to everyone (business men/women and billionaires especially) to focus on the things that have sustained us (and other species) for thousands of years, through natural design. The things that really matter. It’s the only way forward.

What next?

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