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  • If you don't let it out, you'll take it out

    There are a couple of movies that when I first watched them actually activated me to the point that I had to pause the movie or just turn it off.  I would get so mad that I could feel myself responding to what was happening […] More

  • Breonna Taylor Still Needs Our Help

    164 days. Can you imagine if someone who shot your child while sleeping? Can you imagine if no one arrested that person, or those people, for 164 days? I’m not sure what I would do at that point other than sitting at the police station […] More

  • Oh No! Not The Tariffs Again!

    What Trump needs is a good ENEMA! Don’t know what an enema is? Click HERE.  If you have any comments, disagreements, or additional information on this post, please contact me either through Pippies, or through my website. Follow me on TWITTER, FACEBOOK & LINKEDIN. More

  • The Tree Graveyard

    Recently, my wife and I drove from Vancouver up into the Kootney area of British Columbia to visit our daughter. She lives in a small town in the Columbia Valley which is itself in the Kootenays, in the foothills of the incredible Rocky Mountains.  The […] More

  • 3:11

    This Is What Being Human Is All About

    source Humans and animals share this planet. Animals can do without us, or many of them anyway. We humans cannot do without animals.  I think this video is a heartwarming look at how people can work together for a common cause, in this case, people […] More

  • The Shipping Industry And Our Degrading Oceans. Who Is To Blame?

    Consumerism is despoiling our oceans. Most of the goods we humans consume, particularly in Western countries, are manufactured in low-cost countries and shipped by ocean cargo freighters.  Many cargo ships still use bunker fuel, the sludgy dregs of the petroleum refining process. The noxious blend […] More