Success isn’t measured about how much money you make or how much wealth you have. Its certainly not about how many sales, homes, education, or lavish vacations you’ve taken.

True success is the relationship you have with yourself in your own self-leadership physical human mastery expedition.

It’s balanced out in equal measure in the difference you make in the lives of others.

When you touch the lives of others in a healthful, sustainable way its a reflection of how you touch the depths of your own capacity and full potential.

Your words have an impact,Your habits are motivationalYour beliefs are expandableYour boundaries are what keeps you in self-check, balanced.

Every word you share,Every action you take has influenceWhat you do speaks volumes,

How you do it speaks even louderEven more, than that limitations become limitless endeavors

Balance is a daily self-inquiry and deliverySuccessful individuals have one key ingredient that never sways regardless of who they are or the past they come from…

They NEVER take vacations from themselves

It’s through my teachings across the globe that I invite you to reconnect to yourself

The absolute reality is that successful individuals have faced discomfort and been challenged in equal measure they have had wins and success.

To navigate and refine what we seek in our life we must think, feel and continuously allow limitless flow into our existence

How many times have you ever caught yourself observing friends, colleges or even strangers in the street, on social media thinking it is so easy for them to have those relationships, to have that new home or thriving business.

The reality behind this is each of these individuals who have success has faced discomfort and challenges and still kept coming back for more.

Refining their craft, their skill, their knowledge, and passion

It’s easy to default into doubt,Already deciding all the things that can go wrongAll the stories of why you won’t have buyers, clients, meaningful relationships and the list goes on…

Facing discomfort is about refining balance and the daily relationship you want to have with it.

Every single day keep learning,Keep trying and always keep yourself in self-check.

In my observation in all my travels the clear difference between those who choose life and those in whom let life choose them are those that live out their dreams rather than paying lip service to them.

Every single time fear tries to cheat them out of the BEST success in being human they see FEAR not as a threat but as a distraction.

Fear simply wants to distract you away from success, it doesn’t take you towards it. So see it for what it is..

Distraction,We all have fear,We all get fear in various speeds and velocity throughout our lives.

It doesn’t mean we need to hide and run away from success every time fear shows up.

Rather ask yourself these two questions:

1. If I was living my thriving success, who am I and what am I doing?

2. If I am not living my thriving success, what am I enabling and what is keeping me entangled to fear?

Most individuals in my learned teaching overthink and undervalue their capability and potential.

Are you one of them?


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Meet your Poster Ashra Bennett

Ashra is a High-Performance Transformational Human Potential Executive Coach, Mum & Mentor by day, and continuous life seeker by twilight, youth advocate, and published author. Ashra assists an everyday individual’s from all walks of the geographical global location to understand the language of high social & emotional intelligence in physical mastery application, making it not some irrelevant guru guide in an ancient application, rather totally debunking the myths and bring a new voice to change in self-leadership of what is possible for all of humanity on the other side of perceived fear, limitations and division. Ashra is an alchemist by nature in showing individuals how to maximize individual potential and capacity in whatever is being sought, mastered, and co-created in living legacy. Ashra has spent the best part of the last decade and a half as a highly successful entrepreneur with over 490,000+ global followers on social media, a global consultancy brand, and business, considered a mentor to the industry as a conscious thought business leadership and human potential embodiment mentor. Ashra’s depth of experience is highly unique and unparalleled in an ever-changing world. In 2019 Ashra forged a Youth Non-Profit in San Francisco to change the way Youth are supported in the greater bay area through high social, emotional, and mental intelligence programs, coaching, and mentorship programs to develop a new generation of thought leadership. To learn more click on the link:
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Meet your Sharer Michelle Patterson

Michelle Patterson prides herself on her random pop culture knowledge. She finds great joy in all things horror related and tries to enjoy movies on a weekly basis. If she's not at the theater, she can be found at a convention or a concert. She is passionate about helping people around her that taking care of their mental health is as important as their physical health as well as today's current political climate. To connect with her more, check out her Instagram, her Twitter, her Facebook page, or her website.

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