Why Are Men Portrayed As Dummies In So Many TV Commercials?

Who are the brainiacs behind these crappy messages?

I was watching TV the other night and a commercial for a model of an SUV came on the screen. I am not going to mention the brand as I do not want to provide any free publicity to the company or the idiots they hired to make this moronic commercial.

What the advertising displayed was a father playing with a child in the kitchen. The child was riding a toy car. The father pushed the car backward towards a garbage pail. As the toy car came close to the pail, lights on the pail lit up indicating I presume the toy car was too close to the pail. The mother glared angrily at the father who reacted as if he was being accused of child abuse. Why is the father always portrayed a being the stupid parent and never the mother? 

The commercial was a  really, really stupid message meant to convey in this ridiculous manner that the SUV came with some sort of emergency braking system to prevent kids from being run over. The pathetic thing is there are men out there who gaze at the boob tube and suck this crap in. And women who possibly think their husband is a total moron and they need a car like that to keep the kids safe from the father.

If you think these are just occasional “on-offs”, take a look at these super dumb, totally moronic series of TV commercials demeaning men.

Then you have another commercial showing a child sitting on the floor doing homework while good old dad is relaxing on an easy chair with his bare feet resting on an ottoman. The kid looks at the father’s feet and says, “Oooh, yuck. What is wrong with your toenails dad?” Dad, you see has fungus on his f##king toenails but it has to be pointed out by his kid that he has this problem. Jesus wept!

I help raise three kids from birth through to their 40s, so far, and not one of them has ever looked at my feet let alone looked that closely so they would notice fungus. Again, the man is looking like an idiot as his wife then goes into lecture mode about some crappy goop he can use to get rid of the fungus. Why didn’t the wife notice her husband’s diseased toenails during an intimate moment instead of waiting for it to be pointed out by one of the children? I could give more examples but you get the drift. There are so many commercials where the husband or a group of men are presented as brainless morons.

Back in the fifties and sixties, women were portrayed as the “home-makers” and men the money earners. Women (mothers) were generally dressed very nicely in evening wear but with aprons and high-heels and extolled the virtues of the latest oven or dishwasher or washing machine. Men in TV commercials were mostly depicted doing manly things such as mowing lawns, chopping firewood, or fixing things – or relaxing in easy chairs with a pipe in hand while wife served a cocktail and the kids bought the hard-working dad his slippers and a newspaper. Now dad is depicted as a dope!

What I find interesting is these men depicted on TV as not being able to operate a washing machine or a carpet cleaner or a can opener are always white men. Try and present a non-white guy as a stupid moron and see how far it goes. Or a woman as a mindless ditz. What’s with this insulting and not so subtle use of white men as stooges to sell crappy cars, beer, dishwashing liquid, and other assorted products?

Men have to get their brains into gear and boycott these companies that depict them as idiots. What message is it providing to their children? Hey kids, mom is really smart but dad is a total doofuss. He doesn’t know how to use a washing machine, make a bed, clean a floor, or wash a toilet.

Dumb Dads: why are there so many male-bashing commercials?


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Post Image Credit:  Josh Kahen, Unsplash.


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