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This article does contain spoilers to the reboot of Netflix’s The Baby-Sitters Club. The Baby-Sitters Club is a reboot worth watching with your tweens to help navigate their world and their futures. They tackle various issues that serve as conversation starters for parents and their tweens. Hopefully, the series will encourage younger readers to jump into Ann M. Martin’s world once more and discover the girls as many women in their mid-thirties now did before them. The series is an absolute pleasure to watch, and the updates make the reboot possibly better than the original television series. The series also sticks to the format of one of the girls narrating each episode, which I enjoyed as well.  If you have not given The Baby-Sitters Club a try, read my article to further entice you back into the world of these amazing young women.


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    • That’s how I feel too! I was excited when they mentioned bringing it back and I had a friend tell me it was pretty good. Then I finished it all in one night! It’s super cute and it really consumes you once you start watching it. 😁

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