Human vs Universe

Human: I’m so ready to give up, this year can end, it was such a waste, how could we have wanted this to be our year? What did we do to deserve this?

Universe: The only reason you have these thoughts is because you don’t have faith, you’re not the only one though. I can see and feel the same thoughts running through millions of minds. The year will come to a close and you all would have learned a great lesson, I hope you remain open to it, receive it. This is still your year, remember you are free to choose but you aren’t free of the consequences of your choice. What did you do to deserve this? You complain, you pollute not just with trash but with your negative thoughts and words. Your negative and angry energies you send out into the world did you all think you were in charge? Silly humans, everything in this world is a gifted to you and instead of saying thank you everyday, instead of saying a good word and having and living a positive life and focusing on yourselves, you were too busy destroying each other and in return you started  ruining the gift you received, then you wanna ask what you did to deserve this, sit and think about your actions. In time the world will heal completely and you’ll be given another chance to enjoy it, hopefully this time around you’ll respect it and try to keep it all clean in your head, heart and out there in the world.


Written by Alice Wildley

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