Skincolorism – A Better Word For Racism

Yes. Absolutely without a doubt, black lives matter. 

However, dark-skinned people are just homo sapiens with dark skin. Nothing more and nothing less. Dark-skinned people are not more intelligent or less intelligent than people with pale skin.

Throughout human history, people have had a tendency to divide each other into groups. Most often, physical characteristics are used to distinguish between groups, and the groups have been named races or tribes. Some people have long believed that many characteristics of a person could be determined by simply looking at the person’s skin color or”race”. 

Intelligence is one trait that has been studied in an attempt to relate it to these so-called races. Just take a read of Hitler’s mad and unsubstantiated attempt to prove the Arrayan race was superior to all others. The best evidence does not support the idea that people of any “race” are more or less intelligent than those of any other “race”. In addition, intelligence testing is an imperfect science. Traditional IQ tests are skewed to favor certain segments of society. As I have written several times, “race” based on skin color is a social construct. There are NO human “races” on planet earth. There is only the human race. Homo sapiens, bi-pedal apes, or human beings, call them what you will, every person on the planet is related with 99.99% of the same genetic makeup. That remaining 0.01% accounts for skin color, height, weight, hair color, and other very minor differences such as length of the nose and the color of eyes as a couple of examples. We all share the same brain size with the only difference being that separated by gender. 

Men, due to their generally larger body size have slightly bigger brains than women. The findings for human brain size indicates an average adult brain volume of 1260 cubic centimeters for men and 1130 for women. However, a larger brain does not denote greater intelligence. And this fact covers all brains across the human spectrum. Skin color has zero to do with a person’s intelligence. Much of how we think and use our brain is to do with the environment we grew up in. 

We humans have to take a giant step and get away from the notion of races and the word racism. If we keep using the word racism, we keep supporting the notion of races that simply do not exist. If we all regard ourselves as being of the one race, which by the way is a scientific and indisputable fact, we do away with the term racism. 

Let’s call racism what it actually is! Prejudice, discrimination, hatred, and bigotry based on skin color. 

If we want to use a relevant word, let’s use the term skincolorism. 

The environment we live in has everything to do with what we learn and in what way we are smart. A child growing up in New York, for example, attending pre-school, elementary school, high school, and then university is going to survive very well in the jungle of New York City. Take that same individual out of his or her big-city environment and plonk him or her down in the middle of the Amazon jungle and what are the chances of survival. Little to none. 

Take an Awa tribesman out of his Amazon jungle environment and let him loose in New York City. The chance of survival is probably better than the New Yorker in the Amazon but I think you get where I am going here. Indigenous people the world over adapted to their varied environments using intelligence, information gathering, an understanding of how the natural world worked and passed this accumulated information down from generation to generation. Without the assistance of indigenous peoples the world over, white explorers would have had their exploration of the “new world” set back by many decades if not centuries.

Jared Diamond wrote an excellent book on this subject matter entitled Guns, Germs, and Steel. He studied the natives of New Guinea for many years and was fascinated by the intelligence of these people and how their life was adapted to living and surviving in a dangerous jungle environment. 

Recent studies indicate genes account for between 30 and 80% of our intelligence. Using a statistical method that allowed researchers to compare data from different experiments, a group of researchers indicated that when all studies are taken together, genetics appears to determine roughly half of intelligence, environment the other half. Interestingly, the analysis also suggested that pre-birth environmental factors such as the mother’s nutrition, which are difficult to quantify in any study, might also underpin a great part of the environmental difference.

Another interesting study noted African Americans, on the average, have a 70% African and 30% European ancestry. If whites were genetically more intelligent than blacks, one would expect black children with more European ancestry to have higher IQs than those with more African ancestry, even when they’re raised in the same family. This is just not the case.

The conclusion?  Skin color may have a minuscule impact on a person’s IQ but not enough to change the fact that all Homo Sapiens are of one race and are of equal intelligence.

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Written by Michael Trigg

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