Genocide denial gains ground 25 years after Srebrenica massacre

Even as remains continue to be identified, denialism is moving from far-right fringe into mainstream

by Shaun Walker in Srebrenica for The Guardian


Posted by Clark G. Curtis

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  1. All acts of genocide are “fabricated myths” so claim the guilty, from the Armenians suffering at the hands of the Turks to the Natzi Holocaust and Rwanda to name just a few.

    The cruelty and stupidity of many humans in murdering their fellow humans is beyond belief. All, without exception, believe their actions were justified. Yet somehow, very slowly, we are exiting from the dark ages; though how long until true enlightenment? Possible several generations.

    We should not ever forget the various churches’ roles in genocide as well.

    • So true Michael. As part of my work following and documenting the democratic movement in Bosnia and Herzegovina, I have also started work on an oral histories project, Modern Genocide: Bosnia and Herzegovina 1992-1995. We have launched a podcast site where we will be sharing these stories as we record them. It has been an interesting process as many of the survivors we have spoken with understand the value of sharing their stories but for some, it is still too painful or they fear for family members who live in Bosnia and Herzegovina. So sad, but so true. I will continue to fight ahead and find those who are willing to share in the hope that it will encourage others. Pretending something never happened doesn’t mean it didn’t happen…..Be well and safe my friend….

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