Why Have Hundreds of Elephants Suddenly Died?

Why have hundreds of elephants suddenly died in Botswana? I saw this tragic story on Digg from and wanted to share it with you here. Researchers in Botswana, where the world’s largest elephant population resides, are puzzled if the elephants are diseased or were poisoned with cyanide by local farmers because elephants are known for destroying crops.

Whatever the reason, this is a tragedy. Elephant remains have been sent to Zimbabwe, South Africa, and Canada for analysis. Let’s pray this is not a new disease, as Elephants Without Boarders (EWB), a local conservation group, and others await results. EWB wrote a 97-page report on the event for the Government of Botswana.

We are all one: people, animals, the planet. We all matter greatly. Be well.

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Written by Denise Doe

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  1. Hi Denise. Yeah, it sure is. I watched David Attenboroughs ‘Our Planet’ the other night and was so saddened to see what we’re doing and continue to do to the planet and animals. Hope you’re safe and well… and thank you for sharing the post.

    • My pleasure, Dean. We have so much potential as a species and stewards of this planet. I pray we do all we can to make things right and keep them that way. I have to have faith while my heart breaks.

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