Learning about the Transgender Community

I’m a month late writing this but I wanted to show my support for the LGBTQ community nonetheless. Having grown up with family members and friends who identify wholeheartedly with this community has led me to brush up on my knowledge of this culture. While I’m familiar with persons who identify as gay or Lesbian, admittedly I understand very little about transgender people.

I don’t know the correct way to address someone who’s transitioned, or even if that’s the right word to describe the process. So I decided to create this short comprehensive list of reminders to myself about using the right pronouns and words when approaching someone’s whose a transgender.

Phrases To Use:

When referring to the surgical procedure a Transgender person is going through, say transition rather than Sex Change

Instead of asking a Transgender Person if they were born a man or a woman, ask were they assigned male or female at birth?

Pronouns To Use: 

Use the pronoun that coordinates with a Transgender person’s truest self. Whether or not they’ve had the surgery or started the transitional phase, call them by the gender they identify with. 

If you can not ask a Transgender person what pronoun they’d like to use, then address them by the singular and inclusive they.  

A good resource I’ve used to better understand my Transgender brothers and sisters today is GLAAD ( There’s tons of information on centers, work and politics involving the LGBTQ community. There’s so much to learn.


Written by Aja Dandridge

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