Can you believe the world today?

I never thought it’d be this way

The trees are screaming

While men with axes are dreaming

Of a future without forests

They try to ignore us

Ocean animals full of plastic

This is way beyond drastic

Mother Nature is crying

Her children are dying

Species extinct

Why do they think

There’s no repercussion?

This is not a discussion

“I promise they’re lying”

There is no denying!

The sky’s turning black

There’s no going back

But it’s not too late

We have time to change

We can try harder

Start thinking smarter

Brothers, sisters, one and all

Every creature big and small

It’s time to open our eyes

It’s time we realized

If we don’t see what we’re doing

There’s no doubt we’ll ruin

The only home we know

There’s nowhere else to go

No Planet B

Now can you see?

If not me and you

Then, who?


Written by Sarah Pennington

What do you think?

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