While Trump Eyes Tariffs: Americans Really Want More Canada

A new poll of U.S. attitudes show that Americans want less ‘America first’ and a lot more Canada. A third of them would even prefer to live here.

This article is credited to McLeans Magazine. Canada’s answer to Time.

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However, while we Canadian’s really do like “most” American’s we do not want you to visit our country any time soon. Why? Most provinces in Canada have COVID 19 under control to varying degrees. According to the late-night news last night, there are now 23 US states where COVID 19 is out of control.

The welcome mat is not out at the border.

Even though the border is closed to all but essential traffic, there are still American’s sneaking through. Yesterday, in West Vancouver, I saw a car with California plates and another with Oregon plates. WHAT WE MAY NEED IS A WALL!

The following is a recent news report on US license plates seen in Alberta.  “Jun 12, 2020 – Canada-U.S. border closed to non-essential travel to help stop spread of COVID-19. While non-essential travel between Canada and the United States is prohibited, some Banff residents say they’ve seen Texas, Washington and even New York licence plates in town recently.”

What are you doing here? Stay away! If you are here – go home!

The big difference between Canada and the USA is leadership. By far! Canada and its provinces have leaders that listen to the medical people. We do not have a leader that calls anything contrary to his own limited intelligence “fake”. In British Columbia where I live, that happens to be on the border of Washington State, we almost have the COVID virus under control. With a population of 5 million, we are down to around 10 new infections each day and dropping. Don’t let the fact that you Americans elected a moron to run your country impact on the health and well being of us sensible Canadians. 

See the following news headline. 

Washington, B.C. head opposite directions in fight against COVID-19

WASHINGTON (NEWS 1130) — B.C. and the state of Washington are heading in different directions in the fight against COVID-19.

So even while we love our American cousins, we prefer to love you from a distance and over the television. 

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Post Image Credit: iMattsmart, Unsplash


Written by Michael Trigg

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