At Least Once In Everyone's Life Something Really Extraordinary Happens

Sometimes, in some people’s lives, something really out of the ordinary happens. Sometimes, extraordinary things happen several times in someone’s lifetime.

I have to think that my mother and father thought World War 1 was an extraordinary event to happen in their lifetime. And then, it happened again, World War 2,  just 21 years later. How weird is that? And – the same country, Germany,  started it both times.

The first extraordinary event to happen in my lifetime was the assassination of John Kennedy. 

Back in those days, there was no social media and little in the way of television coverage but word of mouth worked really fast. I was shocked at the murder of such a likable leader, even being only 20 and not that interested in politics. And, I was living in New Zealand which was just regarded as a dinky little country at the bottom of the world.

I had read a lot about Jack Kennedy and his war exploits and heard several speeches he made on the radio and thought he was quite the hero. I thought he epitomized what America was all about. I do not remember where I was when I heard the news but my first thought was why would someone want to murder a neat guy like JFK? Weird. But then 5 years later, his brother Bobby was murdered.  One US president and one almost US president murdered in my lifetime. Two extraordinary events. 

In 1969, Apollo 11 was the spaceflight that first landed humans on the Moon. Commander Neil Armstrong and lunar module pilot Buzz Aldrin formed the American crew that landed the Apollo Lunar Module Eagle on July 20, 1969, at 20:17 UTC.  Another extraordinary event in my eyes.

Then, in 2016, another truly extraordinary event took place. The American people elected to the highest office in the land, a flawed, over the top narcissistic, multiple bankrupted, and self-proclaimed billionaire, Donald J Trump.

Yes. Donald J. Trump, a man with the intellectual capacity of a spoiled eight-year-old child and who has had temper tantrums against (in no particular order), women’s rights advocates, Mexicans, the World Health Organization, China, free trade agreements, gun control advocates, Muslims, those supporting the cautious reopening of state economies, those critical of hydroxychloroquine, the European Union, environmental advocates, those supporting health-care reform, a nationally recognized American war hero, Iran members of his own staff and Amerca’s best friend in the world – Canada.

Truly, an extraordinary, once in a lifetime event.

The truth is certainly stranger than fiction, particularly when you factor in this man’s personality traits as described in various online journals as constantly aggrieved, petty, immature, self-promoting, overcommitted, easily angered, blissfully unaware of his own ignorance, narcissistic, misogynistic and often displaying an ignorance of the world he lives on that is stupefyingly scary. 

Trump praises dictators’ strength and hardline policies against their citizenry and provides a compelling illustration of his lack of depth of character in the company he chooses to keep and, worse, chooses to elevate – until such time as they cross him.  His partners in crime, literally and figuratively, present a dismal portrait of inexperience, imperiousness, dishonesty, bigotry, greed, and outright meanness. 

In summing up Trump’s personality,  one comes to the conclusion he is either extremely slow-witted or grossly disingenuous. Neither a good trait for the president of a country with a vast nuclear arsenal at its disposal. 

I really, really hope there are no more truly extraordinary events in my life-time of such a negative nature. 

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Written by Michael Trigg

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