Cher Pushes For Fans To Vote Trump Out

            Many people have very strong sentiments about the American president. Obviously if you’ve seen Twitter, majority of the comments aren’t good. Celebrities have even called out Donald Trump on several occasions, whether that be his poor grammar or just his general human indecency. Now with the Presidential Elections coming around, celebrities are doing everything in their power to get Trump out of office. Even long-time singer Cher wants the tyrant kicked out the White House!

            Cher Clearly Isn’t A Trump Supporter

            The Presidential vote is one of the most important aspects of American democracy. This election year, it’s expected that more people will get out and vote like never before. After the unjust murders of black persons and LGBTQ inequalities, people want to see major changes from the American government, starting with Donald Trump.

            Iconic singer Cher took to Twitter to post a message in all caps about the major outcome the people’s vote will have on this presidential election. “I SAY FLIPPANT THINGS,I ALSO SAY”MANY”SERIOUS ONES, BUT WE ARE IN MORE TROUBLE THAN ANY OF US COULD HAVE IMAGINED.IF trump IS ELECTED 4 A 2ND TIME,WE’LL FIND OURSELVES IN DEADLY, DOWNWARD SPIRAL,WE’LL NEVER BE ABLE TO PULL OURSELVES OUT OF. Trump WILL TAKE US WHERE HE LIVES.” Basically, the future is in our hands. If we don’t stop Trump, we’ll face even political unrest than we’re experiencing now.

With what’s ensued in the last few months, pretty sure a lot more Americans will get out to the voting polls this year and do the right thing. Hopefully, we’ll have better candidates this year as well.

            The People Are With Cher

            It’s not often that Cher makes an insightful post but when she does, people listen. Many fans tweeted supportive comments in response to Cher’s message, some followers even mentioned that people are finally coming to terms with the need for change. One follower tweeted the response, “I think the protesters woke up, and I think more will vote Blue.” Another stated, “We have to vote like crazy in November and get him out!!” Removing Trump out of office will be a step in the right direction, but after that, it’ll be the American government that’ll require some remodeling. 


Written by Aja Dandridge

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