Lets Call Racism What it Is – Discrimination Based On Skin Color

In the ongoing ferment of Black Lives Matter and protests on racism, I take the position that racism is a misnomer. 


Because every human being on this planet is of the same race. There are no races!  So let’s start calling it what it is:

Discrimination and hateful behavior against others based on skin color. 

The word race, as it currently used to describe groups of humans, is an outdated term. It was originally used benignly to describe groups of people with differing skin color; this before science had a break-through in gene and DNA research and discovered we are all the same.

The word “Race” divides us. 

It presumes people of a skin color other than white do not share the same biological or genetic traits as white-skinned people. The term began being used and continues to be used in many parts of the world by certain groups of white people to create a “them from us” construct, therefore presenting their idea of racial superiority by demeaning people with skin other than white and regarding them as having less intelligence, being less healthy, and having inferior personality traits. 

This base type of human uses this type of thinking to validate themselves as a person and to build up their own limited self-worth and below-normal IQ. 

There is no scientific evidence validating the idea that the areas of intelligence, health, and personality can be defined by the color of one’s skin.

As anyone knows who has delved into the subject of human genetics and DNA, humans are genetically 99.99% alike. The color of our skin is just that: the color of our skin. Nothing more and nothing less. So let retire the word race when used in connection with human beings. And along with it, the word racism. Let’s come up with a better word or combination of words to better describe the people who discriminate against other human beings based on their skin color. To kick off the discussion, I offer the following:

HOPODS  – Haters of People of Dark Skin.  

To make them easier to describe, we could just call them HOP People.  #hoppeople

Caption:  A self-described white supremacist – Does he make you proud to be white?

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Written by Michael Trigg

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