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  • If Dogs Don't See Color, Why Should We?

    A white person actually had the audacity to tell me at an animal clinic that some dogs just don’t like black people. As someone who works with animals for a living, you’d think she’d know that while dogs aren’t completely colorblind and can see in limited […] More

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    Pushin on, will remember

    Your name haunts me  The forbidden past that comes up Causally The dark sucks me in  Lately I miss you, I think of you. The silence speaks louder  I hear your name in each chapter  Close my eyes break down and cry  I’ll hold on […] More

  • Love or lust

           -Oh mystery man, In my sleep how you make me bend so helpless and weak. I give in to your warmth your touch, your heart. Souls intertwined orgasm as one. Awoken, so sad it was just a dream. Only to feel refreshed, […] More

  • Marketing Is the Lifeblood of Any Business

    This content may contain affiliate links which may result in the content creator being financially compensated for purchases site visitors make. Marketing is the lifeblood of any business and your email list is your number one asset. One of the most successful marketers in the […] More

  • 1/29/2020

    Can you believe the world today? I never thought it’d be this way The trees are screaming While men with axes are dreaming Of a future without forests They try to ignore us Ocean animals full of plastic This is way beyond drastic Mother Nature […] More

  • Common Sense Explained By Trevor Noah

    There are people fighting to walk around a supermarket without a mask because they think it’s their “right”. Then there are people screaming at someone who’s sitting alone in an empty park, for not wearing their mask. Why is common sense so uncommon? — Trevor […] More

  • Learning about the Transgender Community

    I’m a month late writing this but I wanted to show my support for the LGBTQ community nonetheless. Having grown up with family members and friends who identify wholeheartedly with this community has led me to brush up on my knowledge of this culture. While […] More

  • Confederate Memorials: Celebrating Racism, Erasing History

    “All those folks worried about erasing history when Confederate monuments come down will be thrilled to learn about the existence of books.” – Jamil Smith, August 16

     “All black Americans are born into a society which is determined—repeat, determined—that they shall never know the truth about themselves or their society.” – James Baldwin, “Black Power,” 1968 (in Baldwin, The Cross of Redemption: Uncollected Essays, Vintage Books, 2011, page 102)

  • Revisiting Zootopia For An Important Conversation Starter

    Zootopia is a film to revisit with one’s children. The film can assist in having a meaningful conversation about mindsets we must overcome. In today’s society, we must learn that we can be each other’s ally instead of each other’s enemy.  We also must learn that not to believe all stereotypes ingrained in our minds from a young age. We have to practice growing together, and that means having these conversations with our children in a manner they will understand. Zootopia is a great conversation starter for parents today because it’s more than just a mere animated film. It’s a film with a message worth listening to and worth sharing.

  • Transcend TIme

    No matter what with whatever goals you have or what you want to do in life make it transcend time. Make the actions that you do transcend time. It does not have to capture the right here and right now at this moment. This life […] More

  • The Importance of Shudders Scream, Queen! My Nightmare On Elm Street

    Scream, Queen: My Nightmare on Elm Street is by far one of the best horror documentaries I’ve ever seen. It’s such a great film and reveals so much of the fear, unfortunately, running rampant through Hollywood in the 1980s. Mark Patton’s portrayal continues to be underrated in the horror sequel of one of the most popular horror franchises of all time. If you have Shudder, you should take the time to watch the documentary this month and take a moment to understand this time in history and appreciate Patton’s incredible behind the scenes look at his experience during this time via my piece on Fandomize Media.

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    Cher Pushes For Fans To Vote Trump Out

                Many people have very strong sentiments about the American president. Obviously if you’ve seen Twitter, majority of the comments aren’t good. Celebrities have even called out Donald Trump on several occasions, whether that be his poor grammar or just […] More

  • You're Freakin' Awesome!

    “Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great.” -Mark Twain I swiped this quote from an affiliate marketing company that I’m a part of and […] More

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                A balmy summer day in the mountains.  The meadow was green and moist.  Dark brooding trees bordered the chartreuse.  A group of riotous children frolicked in the sun.  Their boisterous shouts echoed among the trees.  Their clothing, stripes and […] More

  • I am learning…

    God has special plans for us; we just had to be willing to mark the time off and spend it with Him and one another.  I hope you stick around for the chicken story at the end…haha!! #worhit

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