Lessons I Learned From My Two Year Old Grandson

My two-year-old grandson has a lot of things figured out already.  It didn’t take him long. 

He started walking around the age of one and has not looked back. There are no obstacles in his life, only challenges. Determination and perseverance are his unconscious catchphrases. And, he has quickly learned that a smile will get him places a cry will not. He is happy and is as adjusted to this life as any two-year-old could be expected to be.

He loves food and is always willing to taste something new. Give him a box of crayons and some blank sheets of paper and he scribbles with gusto. He loves the library and books. He will sit on any available knee for considerable lengths of time (for a two-year-old), and earnestly study the images on the pages, quickly repeating new words and retaining them. He loves puzzles toys and will rotate a piece of a puzzle until it fits. 

Going for a walk is a new adventure every time. He can spot an ant from ten feet away and then spend 10 minutes examining its actions. If there is a construction site on the walk, he will stand and gaze at the drilling and earth moving machines, absorbing the sounds and watching the action. His focus is total when he comes across something new. He is now beginning to ask “what’s that?” when he comes across something he has not seen before and though he is still learning to articulate, his understanding of what he is told is amazing.

His personality is developing into that of a happy human being. His mother and father are very comfortable in their skins which is rubs off on their son, I think. He understands the importance of a hug and is not shy in asking for one. He is unsure around strangers, but I consider that an innate human instinct. Once he gets to know someone new, however, he is not shy in asking for attention. Now in his third year of life, he is beginning to require less attention in his playtime and can go long stretches, happily chatting to himself, organizing his trucks and cars and putting things into things and taking them out again. Repetition seems to be a good part of his learning process which I think is an innately animal instinct. I recently watched a wildlife show on TV on young animals and birds and their adaption to life after birth. Learning by repetition is not just a human thing.  

The relationship between a grandchild and a grandparent is a very special one I am beginning to realize. I think the child learns instinctively very early on that grandma and granddad are somehow different from all the other people in their lives.

So what have I learned from my grandson?



The importance of human contact.

The importance of human relationships.

The importance of a hug.

Sticking with the gameplan.

Never give up.

The importance of learning.

Laughter lifts the spirit.

Try something new every day.

An obstacle is a challenge.

I love this quote

There are no seven wonders of the world in the eyes of a child. There are seven million (and counting)— WALT STREIGHTIFF

Children are the future of the world. Protect them. 


Written by Michael Trigg

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