Be a winner

Life is like a game or a labrynth it never makes it easy for you but it makes it worth it. When we were kids and we lost at one of these games we didn’t give up we deposited another coin and kept playing until we won. So too you have to go through lufe keep depositing the good stuff like saying thank you, being happy, smiling, taking a breather and at the end you will see the victory.


Written by Alice Wildley

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  1. Your short and sweet article reminds me of a book I read by Napoleon Hill, the ‘Think and Grow Rich’ author and author or many other works, who also said, “Patience, persistence, and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success.” When people ask me how I am, I like to respond that I’m excellent, I’m above ground. To me, so long as you are alive, all things are possible! I’d love to see you elaborate on your thinking and produce more lengthy pieces on this fascinating subject of persistence and victory. Thank you.

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