What Do Many Bullying World Leaders and Evil Dictators Have In Common?


Yes. They all have had or do have really bad haircuts or hairstyles not to mention really bad grooming, strange hats, and ugly mustaches!  A few examples as follows.

Hitler had both a really bad hairstyle and a goofy mustache.

One of the most ridiculous haircuts of the modern dictator is that of Kim Jung Un.  It kind of makes you wonder if he has ever looked in a mirror. Also, he is short, 5 foot 6 inches and fat weighing at over 300 lbs. 

Most ungroomed dictator of modern times has to go to Fidel Castro. Not only did he have a penchant for US hunting caps and cheap cigars, but it is also doubtful if his eyebrows and beard ever had more than only a vague relationship with a pair of scissors.

Stalin favored the bouffant hairstyle and the really BIG mustache common to many short men with big egos. He was 5 foot, 7 inches. Claimed he was 5′ 9″.

Boris Johnston, current PM of Great Britain, while not technically a dictator, is known for his bully boy tactics and a hairstyle that looks like he was dragged backward through a haystack. 

Donald J. Trump, alleged president of the USA, has an ongoing love affair with dictators and it is rumored he has said he could stay on for more than the mandated 2 terms. The Donald’s hair is a world joke and he is the only one who doesn’t get it.

Saddam Hussein favored the Stalin look to go hand in hand with the same brutality perpetrated by the Russian dictator.  And the ungroomed eyebrows of Fidel Castro.

Vladimir Putin:  Doing OK with the little he has. Another short man with a big ego and a very ugly disposition. 

CAPTION: “See, I do have some hair upfront but you have to look closely”

Muammar Gadaffi favored the scruffy, rock star look and totally ridiculous uniforms that looked like they were made for a Hollywood comedy.

Kim Jong Il also liked the bouffant hairstyle and also used shoe lifts in an attempt to present himself as taller than he actually was. Another shorty at 5  feet, 3 inches. 

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Written by Michael Trigg

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