Great leaders are creative rather than reactive.  In other words, they anticipate future demands and trends that best support, foster, and unify people or communities. Managers manage the process and tend to stick to a process formula to ensure everyone within the team replicates the same results with the same level of engagement.

One is drives outcomes whilst the other manage outcomes. We do need both in society, however, we have too much extremism with the divide in the global community on what good to great looks like.

It’s more important than ever to be able to understand how those changes will affect your business, personal, and professional life in establish ways to take full advantage of those changes.

Are you a creative or reactive leader? 

Here’s how you can test your potential below,

 Creative business leaders are always asking themselves some of the following questions:

• What are my potential customers /clients’ problems they are seeking solutions on or with?

• What worries them? or Makes them excited?

• What causes them limitation, frustration?

• What do they live and what disposable income to they have?

• How can I serve my community?

• How can serve them better?

• More useful?

• More valuable?”

Do you ask yourself these questions?  Regularly? And if you do, do you come up with not just good, rather great answers, answers that can advance your business? Relationships, community, and Planet.

Test your creative skills against the following checklist Are you:

• Internally driven?

• Focused on the work, what problems you can solve rather than get caught up or distracted by things you can’t influence?

• Goal-oriented around, rather than a crisis- centered?

• Intensional loving relationship-builder?

• Make full use of your strongest talents, knowledge, and experience?

• Set strategic thought out actionable long-term goals?

The following are traits of “reactive” leaders who generally:

• Are motivated by external factors like money and power

• Are focused on corporate politics, not the work

• Allow their time to be dictated by what’s in their inbox

• Sometimes ignore their strongest talents in favor of “good management” or following someone else moral compass not their own.

• Plan in one- to five-year increments

• They believe nothing is sacred and relationships are expendable

How many of those reactive characteristics apply to you?

How would you discern yourself?

The best leaders are long-term oriented, what they do today they know thrives tomorrow forward. They are heart-centered people-friendly, unity community-conscious, committed to providing better products and services, and unconcerned about what others are doing. For they are committed to ensuring who they are and how they be of service to their businesses, community, and personal relationships are far more of a driver than being a YES person doing things that they don’t stand behind and advocate in order to make a quick buck.

Food for thought, where do you sit on the scale of leading and managing?

Do you lead your life, or simply do you just manage it?

Personally, professionally and in unity with fellow humanity?

In Gratitude



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