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Meet your Poster Catherine P Thomspon

I love to read and write and have been a freelancer for over 20 years. I just started fulltime, at home freelancing a year ago and am still getting my feet wet. I do have hundreds of blogs, eBooks, and articles in my portfolio and I keep writing more. I love to garden, do book reviews, and take care of my pitbull, Penny. I am married, live in Salt Lake City, and have little people, whom I adore, come and visit me. Ever since I can remember I have been passionate about letting nature flourish. I protest  using chemicals on lawns and gardens and I don't let anyone come in and cut down trees! I am a member of the Let Wolves Live group and feel that nature should take its course. Let the wolves live, flourish, and be themselves in nature. My pet peeve is litter on trails and in forests, deserts, and seascapes - in fact, anywhere that man enjoys but leaves litter and garbage. As I hike I pick up huge amounts of litter and it makes me so angry that people do not honor the land and "pack it out" when they enjoy what nature has given us.    

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