Unarguably significant sweeping change is among us right now across humanity regardless of the willing, active level of participation on the individual to collective community level globally. The time capsule of the past the current self wants to reminisce in what is languaged as a loss in life, whatever we once referred to as normalcy is no longer a currency that holds value to humanity. Individually, community and collectively, when change arrives, it doesn’t wait for you to choose teams or roll out the red carpet for a grand entrance.

It rolls on in and changes us in ways often we are not fully prepared for, so we are commanded to gradually integrate what’s unfolding to give ourselves every possibility to changes capacity within new timelines continuously being written.

What I mean by that is regardless if you are a willing party to change or not, change is here. As it has always been present in our human existence, however, this time is like no other. Not as a direct result of the current pandemic, yet instead to the plight that humans can no longer take from the Earth, commune, or not commune with each other through false ideology that has been constrained against humans keeping a state of fear as the ruling dominating force of how we choose to lead our collective lives.

Any condoning of any form of inequality among humanity that facilitates further imbalance that stems from the old ideology that perpetuated division through wars, political power, race, culture, and creed and for the most part, led people to believe they have no voice for change. A voice for reform was not encouraged on a scale that would deliver an inevitable chain of events as we see right now that would change humanity’s history on Earth for the better. Ultimately in the most simplistic exchange, we cannot continue to perpetuate what is unequal among humans and think that Earth has an endless supply of resources to feed man’s alter ego with material consumption in greed.

To reference normalcy as a place that you are familiar with is to be expected, even in the familiarity of normalcy can still give on a daily basis confusion, chaos, and contraction on varying levels of awareness. Normalcy is that predicted Mcdonalds happy meal you know what it contains and how it will make you feel before you even drive through the take out window to collect your order. No matter how many times you venture to get that order you have a level of predictability in normalcy your brain, body, and endorphins within the body know how to respond too.

What happens when Mcdonalds is no longer offering drive-through or even happy meals? You have to adjust to a new menu item right. Precisely what life is giving humanity right now is redefining our selection options before us all in what we want to consume, emotionally, mentally, physically, and yes, even spiritually. Humanity is navigating change in a new exchange as a direct reflection of our inner world where we have created a reference point to gauge if we want to proceed in life or not. We have no planet B, so to pause on the pandemic lets peel back a layer of what is dissolving and newly emerging…

Our individual and collective choice points are exceptionally different. Right now, no such reference points to correlate to our brains for reassurance, because we have no map moving forward. We are individually and collectively writing our existence beyond our global pause. We are all are being shown was no longer working. Where value had, in fact, become lost in material obsession, at the cost of people’s true identities with values, beliefs, and boundaries that have been projected as one’s own. Not actually created by the people for the people. When you begin to dismantle systems, infrastructure, political agendas, educational institutions, religious orders, big business driven by a greater force far bigger than a virus can, that brings humanity to a standstill, one, can only but reassess how to want to be accounted for beyond isolation, beyond quarantine.

As a human being, who do you want to be? Not what do you want to have, a very distinctive difference?

How willing an individual chooses to be in acceptance of this is reflective of how they are processing their adaptation to transformation in a changing world. Our world right now.

We have much more to our energetics beyond a physical body, we all have a mental body that is trying to assimilate to external forces where the perceived restriction is present but is it? Remembering the brain wants to control the body, the emotional body wants to control the body’s responses and after all, we still are souls having this human exchange.

Our physical bodies are our greatest indicators of where we are physically at within any given moment.

Acknowledging the mental body’s response for control against past pain parameters or past flight respondence, it doesn’t always know how to be in the now. So rather than trying to control, allow. Acknowledging un-comfortability within ourselves is to be expected, believing we have all the answers to “fix” what is ailing us is not always immediate either. Because it then projects a need for control of the uncertainty of what’s to come. Sometimes pausing in time, is not about going backward it’s about building forwards. Nobody can control what’s next, what we all can do however is influence how we choose to respond to what shows up for us, this much is forever within our entire power.

If we choose to hide from such power, we are denying our greatest gift to the world, our essence and our capacity to love.

Initially, the human’s mental body’s response is to activate the flight response, which means the desire to run away from the stark reality of what is being presented to us individually, to be in a state of disbelief, collectively and globally. The ego within feels threatened and wants you to escape reality disbelieving the external information being received into the mental body. It will try to talk you in and out of change as quickly as you inhale new breathe of life within your entire body instantly….. The ego is looking out for the ego. The need for control.

In allowance to feel what rises and falls, being open and willing in the acceptance that change is here, fright in our emotional bodies kicks in. Sometimes it will be bleedingly obvious, other times not so acutely aware. But it shows up for us all. This is brought about in grief, shock, anger, frustration, and indecisiveness on how to process emotions. No one is immune to what is at play in our individual and collective consciousness right now, how we individually respond is always within our power.

If we are not mindful, over complicating, and getting swept us in other people’s projected pain, trauma, or contraction unfolding in change, how we honor the change we are externally receiving in our internal processing, we can go into a state of freeze.

When our consciousness, emotions, and mental body go into a state of freezing we have two immediate choices to select. One is that we can acknowledge what we are feeling, and choose to evolve through and beyond what is being felt by seeking out a solution to navigate appropriately our emotions, beliefs in actions, and communication that best supports our energy hour to hour, day by day. Secondly, we can choose to freeze, meaning we allow ourselves to be contracted in stagnancy with the change, procrastination and indecisiveness creep in as we get too caught up in the detail of what was and not see the opportunity of what is become plausible in possibility.

If we choose to freeze and allow stagnation to creep in, inertia begins to run havoc in our conciseness and connection to life itself.

So be gentle with what comes forward in your awareness, acknowledging how we feel is a gift. What we do next with this knowledge does set up the framework to the foundation we are as humans in how we choose to navigate forward in either evolving or freezing. Don’t be afraid to traverse deeply with whatever you feel or have thoughts about. Coming from a place of curiosity helps to facilitate allowance of change, as we all are being invited to reconcile whatever we self discover in our connection to self and to life by awakening to a new level of conscious awareness.

When we allow this our inner world reflects our outer engagement level of the life we lead. So it’s very important to be malleable in whatever shows up, but know to pace yourself to understand our consciousness is not like flicking a switch, one minute we are in the dark and the next wide awake. Its a more continuous development, the more you digest what information you allow into your awareness the more you pertain to hold in allowance a different perspective to life. What information, relationships and community engagements with environments you subscribe too are all indicators of how you choose to feed your senses, what story do they say about you? Are you ready to be fed something new that no longer leeches, drains, and hijacks you from living your fullest life…

When Flight, Fright, or Freeze shows up for you, pause and ask yourself how do you want to respond. Because whatever answer shows up is an opportunity to transform from one state of being to another, it’s not about overnight transformation. It is however totally about liberating yourself from the life you had before the pandemic because what’s before you right now is a gateway for new learnings, careers, relationships, intimacy and love for you to explore in influencing all its potency to how you want to feel about life on your own terms, not the old mandated by others to keep you small and inferior when unity and coexistence in collaboration awaits.

Celebrating what potential you have to individually add tremendous value right now to humanity as we all take responsibility for rewriting history within a timeline of hope.

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Written by Ashra Bennett

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