Robson Street, Vancouver, BC. Canada


Robson Street in Vancouver is one of the more iconic streets in the city. When the street became a popular shopping and eating location in the 1950s and 1960s, it earned the nickname Robson Strasse due to the high number of European restaurants on the strip. 

Now, many of the stores are high-end clothing outlets intermingled with foodies-style cafes, swank coffee shops, international restaurants , and quaint boutiques, all catering to the needs of all classes of shoppers. Any day, year-round, Robson Street swarms with people. On a warm summer’s evening,  even more so. 

In today’s new COVID 19 world, Robson Street is closed. Most of the stores became boarded up giving the street a post-apocalypse feeling. However, over the last few weeks, a transformation has taken place with artists and designers from all walks of life covering the plywood boards with a variety of works of art so that Robson Street, though being devoid of people has been recreated, albeit temporarily, with a new look and some simply amazing artwork. 

The following are a number of photos I took that I hope you enjoy viewing as much as I enjoyed taking. 

No matter where you are in the world, we all see the same moon.

Sorry I missed some of the words. I'll leave them for your imagination.

This mural said something to me. How about you?

A lovely sampling of the faces of humanity.

A chain, a hand and a rose.  Is this saying something/


Written by Michael Trigg

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  1. Love the Pics Michael. I’m thinking we need to start setting-up Public Collections of royalty free art and pics that other contributors can easily access as cover pics for their own if they’re having trouble finding something to use. A type of image repository. Thoughts?

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