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  • Our Lost Cousins

    Our last remaining cousins, the Neanderthals, died out approximately 35,000 years ago.  They were the second to last surviving bipedal apes before vanishing into the mists of time. We, homo sapiens, are the last ones standing. And, we are the final ones from a total group of early hominids now estimated to be around 23 […] More


    My friend, Diane, serves lunch at Saint Vincent de Paul. Daily she serves meals to the lines of the homeless and down-and-out. Voluntarily she does so: to anonymously give back to her community as well as to support her spiritual practice. Not everyone there is as civic-minded as Diane. Most of the people working there […] More

  • The Madness of King Donald

    There is something becoming very apparent that should be very, very alarming to the populace of the US. The king is mad.  Madness in US leaders is not uncommon.  What is madness? It can be loosely defined as a mental illness of such a severe nature that a person cannot distinguish fantasy from reality, cannot […] More

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    Ancient Farming Technologies

    There is no doubt that technology has advanced by leaps and bounds over the last century. Some technologies … computers in this particular instance … are already outdated by the time they hit the retail store shelves. Nobody is advocating giving up computers and going back to the days of the abacus and the slide […] More

  • Overpopulation facts – the problem no one will discuss: Alexandra Paul at TEDxTo

    Population, population, population. There I said it, every time I bring up this topic to people, I see their urge to grow wings like a butterfly and fly far away from me as fast as they can. I don’t blame them; population will still be an issue in the near future. Can we stop this? […] More

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    Stop Pretending Black Lives Don't Matter

    We must use our voices now more than ever to protect those we love.  The color of one’s skin should never dictate whether or not their life is deemed worthy or not.  Blake Lives Matter.  Period.  There should be no discussion where someone disagrees with this.  Would you want to worry about a loved one every time they stepped out the door because of the color of their skin?  The African American community doesn’t want to do that anymore, either.  They never wanted to do so in the first place. We have to step up, and we have to do better for fighting for one another.  We must start spreading love instead of hate because ultimately spreading hate and not breaking these racists stigmas are costing people their lives more and more each day.  I hate that I had to write this piece because it means more people have died.  We must stop pretending their lives do not matter.  We must.

  • The Most Amazing Machine In The Universe

    Exclusively created by nature. The Human Brain, the most amazing calculating machine ever devised on our planet (and possibly in the universe until we discover otherwise) is not one created by humans but by nature.  There are no moving parts such as gears or drive chains; no mother-board, no central processing unit (CPU), no Random-access […] More

  • Really, Really Dumb Everyday Sayings

    Why is it that so many intelligent people fail to put their brains into gear before they open their mouths? How many of these are you guilty of? The following are some of the silliest sayings that come from the mouths of everyday people, many of these people being quite intelligent that involves being “honest.” Politicians […] More

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    A Year Later, Kinda Sorta

    I’ve found myself in significant reflection this week about various topics—one of them being myself.  I think during times like this, we can all feel overwhelmed to the point that we are painfully down on ourselves. We’re allowed to have those moments, but we cannot stay there.  It’s essential to climb out of that hole. Even if we’re clawing our way out, and it becomes the fight of our of life.  No more than ever, we have to remember that self-reflection is a good thing and that self-care is vital.  Take care of yourself, and the rest will fall into place.  I hope you enjoy this piece I wrote as a reflection of a previous article.  It is also linked within this link if you want to read it first.  If you do, you will see the shift in my mindset over this past year.  I hope you enjoy and stay safe out there, folks.

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    Who am I?

    Hi, thank you for taking the time to venture to one of my spaces in the world.  I am a 40 year old wife to my amazing husband, we are getting ready to celebrate our 17th anniversary.  We are going on a road-trip to explore parts of our great nation that we have never seen […] More

  • IU research shows electroceutical fabric eradicates coronaviruses on contact

    A team of researchers at Indiana University has published significant research findings via pre-print in ChemRxiv demonstrating for the first time that coronaviruses are killed upon exposure to an electroceutical fabric. The team’s goal is to get approval from the FDA’s Emergency Use Authorization program to apply use of the fabric in the fight against COVID-19.

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    Amy Cooper Does Not Represent Canada or Canadians

    Personally, I think Amy Cooper should be charged with public mischief or something along those lines. She is NOT typical of Canadians or Canada. On behalf of Canada, I apologize for her outrageous reaction to being asked to leash her dog. Does racism exist in Canada? Of course it does. Fortunately, the Amy Coopers of the world are in very short supply here. 

    The border between Canada and the USA is the longest undefended border in the world. Why? Because Americans and Canadians are cut from the same cloth. We value freedom of expression, the right to free speech, and the right to live in peace. However, in every society, there are aberrations. 

    This is one. Please do not judge us by the actions of this one person.

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    Best Movie List!

    I am a movie fanatic! Here is a list of movies that I have been compiling for quite some time now. Hope you enjoy. Must watch: The way way back 10 things I hate about you Good will hunting La la land A new nigh Lady bird Bohemian rhapsody  Fantastic Mr. Fox Star wars: a […] More

  • New Coalition Invites Global Community to Take a Stand Against Future Pandemics

    The global trade in wild animals has produced the conditions for disastrous and deadly pandemics, including COVID-19. To prevent the next pandemic, the Coalition to End the Trade is calling for the permanent end to the commercial trade and sale in markets of terrestrial wild animals for consumption, particularly birds and mammals. Global Wildlife Conservation, Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) and WildAid are launching this coalition to implement key strategies that seek to end this trade.

  • Just Around The Corner May Be A Fork In The Road

    Yogi Berra was a brilliant baseball player and manager. He is also famous for his comically wise sayings which are known as ‘Yogiisms’. This is a favorite on the topic of making decisions: When you come to a fork in the road, take it. it is a funny saying but few reports reveal there was […] More

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