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“In these uncertain times.” Almost every advertisement produced in the past few weeks has begun with this melodramatic phrase accompanied by slow music in minor keys. I am thoroughly confused because I can’t think of a time when time has ever been certain. Time and uncertainty go together like peanut butter and jelly. Time is always uncertain, and while we may be living in a time more unsteady, uneasy, unpleasant, and uncomfortable than normal- it is no more uncertain. And furthermore, I see no value in using every platform there is to bog people down and capitalize on the painful reality we are experiencing. There are a million and two news stories on the pandemic. Social media is in a frenzy, and everyone is now an unlicensed medical professional offering unsolicited advice. Yes, prioritizing physical health is of the utmost importance, but what about our mental health? I feel like not only am I trapped inside the walls of my home, but I am mentally locked down. It is as if everywhere I look, there are unnecessary reminders and mentions. Platforms that were originally escapes have now become roads to depressing discussions. We are all living this reality and, despite me doing what I am advocating against, we don’t need burdening reminders of our reality. We don’t need posts, and images, and videos, and songs, and shows contributing to the stress and melancholic gloom our reality already creates. Art, media, expression, writing has the power to heal. With a pen, I possess power to transport you into an alternate reality that will, at least for a moment, give you a break from this current one. 

7Sees you, and with these posts, I will use my pen to heal, comfort, and transport your mind during this time and many more times to come. 


Written by Eneah Shenell

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