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  • One More Minute

    So Gene is finished and the essential work week has been completed. There is an odd stillness combined with the scent of drying ink.  The gloves and work uniform have came off.  The thin paper mask is discarded properly.  I put lotion on the bridge […] More

  • The diaspora play a vital role in the political future of Bosnia and Herzegovina

    Original article by Clark G. Curtis for Emerging Europe September 26, 2019 It has been well over a year now since Mirsad Hadžikadić, a professor of 30 plus years at UNC Charlotte and a native of Bosnia and Herzegovina, announced his intention to run for the Bosniak […] More

  • I'm a Good Dog

    Looking for a Pit Bull? You will find them sitting on a sunny spot on your couch. Do be warned: Pit Bulls are loving, caring, and think they are lap dogs. Yet, no other breed of dog has been so severely misaligned and misunderstood than […] More

  • Feelings of Today: Liming on Cobblestone

    It seems at the moment that the life we are in resembles well, nothing.  Maybe it looks a bit like the questionable sweater your mysterious Aunt always wears or like the bottom of your backpack after a school year has ended.  Confusing, loud, itchy looking, […] More

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  • What You CAN Do For Him

    Time and time again, I hear women complain about their husbands. Young women! Women in their twenties, complaining their twenty-something-year-old husband is working too long. Complaining their twenty-something-year-old husband doesn’t pay enough attention to them, doesn’t help clean up, leaves his shoes out, leaves his […] More

  • The quest for change in Bosnia and Herzegovina

    Original article by Clark G. Curtis for Emerging Europe When Clark Curtis, a former director of communications at the College of Computing and Informatics at UNC Charlotte learned that his old friend Mirsad Hadžikadić was running for president of Bosnia and Herzegovina he approached him […] More

  • 7Sees You

    “In these uncertain times.” Almost every advertisement produced in the past few weeks has begun with this melodramatic phrase accompanied by slow music in minor keys. I am thoroughly confused because I can’t think of a time when time has ever been certain. Time and […] More

  • The World Will Never be the Same (40 Days)

    This world has been torn apart due to a microscopic virus… I have debated writing about this because I see in every commercial and every news story something about this pandemic. What I am going to write about is not to make you fearful but […] More

  • Being Apart of the "Sandwich Generation"

    Being Apart of the “Sandwich Generation” What it’s like taking care of my husband’s grandmother By: Kandice Confer According to the American Psychological Association’s 2007 Stress in America survey, “Mothers in the “sandwich generation,” ages 35-54, feel much more stress than any other age group […] More

  • Let It Get Messy

    You’re up to your eyeballs in laundry, the baby needs a diaper change, your dishes are starting to smell weird as they pile in the sink, and the only success your school-age kids have had in the last month is that they just completed level […] More

  • Goosebumps

    Here are a few quotes from my favorite authors, including: Kamila Shamsie, Rumi, etc. I call them ‘goosebumps’ because I got chills when I read these I think it strengthens love to be thus caught in the fierce embrace of inevitability.  An atheist obsessed with […] More

  • Saving The Planet

    I am really tired of reading and hearing news reports and interviews on “saving the planet”.  It’s not the planet that has to be saved. It is humanity. Or, saving humanity from itself. Regardless of what the human race does or does not do, the […] More

  • Love in the time of Gene Simmons

    Today is another day in the time of COVID-19.  Life has been upended.  As an essential worker, I’ve used my downtime here recently to strive to find my inner artist.  In exploring art, I have found that an inner monologue with myself serves to ease […] More

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    There Is No Absence, Only Presence

    An Argument Against Derrida’s “Structure, Sign, and Play” Jacques Derrida, the inventor of deconstruction, asks literary critics to look for truth in the opposites. Derrida attempts to prove the”structurality of structure” and the interplay of absence and presence. Derrida explains, “classical thought concerning structure could […] More

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