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  • Just Around the Corner

    It was a normal weekday afternoon and I had just finished another day of second grade. The teachers walked all of the students out to the sidewalk and lined us up while we waited for our parents. I waited, and waited, and waited. In my […] More

  • Diving In

    My black fins dangled over the edge of the dingy white platform at the back of the boat. I peered through my foggy mask and stared down at the deep blue Hawaiian water. My body rocked from side to side as I tried to keep […] More

  • What Happened To Humble & Kind?

    Yesterday I saw so much hate on the internet.  It did not take me searching it out either.  Part of it was me merely scrolling and noticing a comment or two. I first saw someone talking about Canada’s plan during this pandemic to help with […] More

  • Feelings of Today: Liming on Cobblestone

    It seems at the moment that the life we are in resembles well, nothing.  Maybe it looks a bit like the questionable sweater your mysterious Aunt always wears or like the bottom of your backpack after a school year has ended.  Confusing, loud, itchy looking, […] More

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  • Being Apart of the "Sandwich Generation"

    Being Apart of the “Sandwich Generation” What it’s like taking care of my husband’s grandmother By: Kandice Confer According to the American Psychological Association’s 2007 Stress in America survey, “Mothers in the “sandwich generation,” ages 35-54, feel much more stress than any other age group […] More

  • Goosebumps

    Here are a few quotes from my favorite authors, including: Kamila Shamsie, Rumi, etc. I call them ‘goosebumps’ because I got chills when I read these I think it strengthens love to be thus caught in the fierce embrace of inevitability.  An atheist obsessed with […] More

  • There Is No Absence, Only Presence

    An Argument Against Derrida’s “Structure, Sign, and Play” Jacques Derrida, the inventor of deconstruction, asks literary critics to look for truth in the opposites. Derrida attempts to prove the”structurality of structure” and the interplay of absence and presence. Derrida explains, “classical thought concerning structure could […] More