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help the planet, appreciate the planet

help the planet, appreciate the planet

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    Van Windsor wrote a new post

    How to Follow the Rules When Everyone Else Ignores Them

    There's no doubt at all that COVID-19 is a serious virus that has killed over 560-thousand people worldwide and 136-thousand people just in the United States, and those numbers are rising every single day with horrifying speed.Even with statistics...

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    • Great article. Unfortunately, there is no law against stupidity, nor is there a cure for stupidity. For this reason, I have stopped walking my usual route and now walk where there are very people around.

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    Van Windsor wrote a new post

    Why We Need A Separation of Church & State

    “The government of the United States is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion.” - John Adams, Treaty of Tripoli, 1796In the United States, the First Amendment's Establishment Clause prohibits the government from creating any laws "respecting...

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    • Great article though I think you apologized a little too much for the possibility you might offend some Christian readers. Offend away I say. Though I am not American, I have read a great deal on the ideals on which the USA was founded. The founding fathers did their best to distance the new republic from the archaic religious structure of mother England. It is quite ironic the USA has ended up with more religions than any other country. And, the US has a corrupt, immoral president supported by those many so-called Christians.

      • I agree with you that I did a bit too much apologizing, but with the huge schism that’s occurring with Christians trying to protect they’re religious values from “Satan-loving heathens” (everyone else), I wasn’t looking to start a fight over clear facts. From this point on I’ll focus on getting the facts out there because it’s getting to a point that I do want people with differing views to come out and discuss their side with me. That’s the only way people can truly understand each other: communication with one another.

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    Van Windsor wrote a new post

    Does Art Imitate Life, or Does Life Imitate Art?

    It's a question - or a riddle, depending on who you ask - that has plagued the world over with hundreds of theories and claims for one side or the other. To be honest, I've never had an answer...

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    • To a large degree, you are correct. Life is imitating art. I like the following paragraph.

      Because the gift of lowered attention spans, given to us by television, and the decision to place status or human rights, we all need to ensure we’re doing everything we can to show what is going on in the world. To change the world you need support from everyone, not just the oppressed, but the privileged. Without the privileged the oppressed are simply dogs barking in a locked cage. Getting the key is a matter of appealing to human nature through emotionally powerful perspectives.

    • We all need to come together and be united in the light of truth, freedom, and beauty. These universals are in all of us. No one grants it to us, as they are innately part of the human psyche. The rest is disease or dis-ease.

      Fear and ignorance makes people think they can control others. The human spirit will artfully break free by any means necessary. It may take two hundred years and two trillion tear drops, but it will happen. Eventually, people walk away from the idiot-box and feel the sun on their faces.

      Thanks for your inspiring post, Van.

      • Thanks for the support, Denise. With everything negative that’s happened this year, if there’s one positive in all of it, it’s that people are finally becoming aware of how broken the system really is to serve all it’s people. All we can do is keeping moving forward while pushing away all the biases and misinformation so the light can shine on everyone.

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    D.A. Flint
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    Van Windsor wrote a new post

    The Good Samaritan Experiment

    Setting: Early 1970s, campus of Princeton University in New Jersey.Two behavioral scientists, John Darley and Daniel Batson, were interested in studying the psychology of pro-social behavior. Why do people do good things for others?To examine this question, they decided...

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    • This was a good read and many people should actually read and learn from this.

      • I agree that this experiment would open the eyes of many people. Everyone likes to say that they are good-spirited and always willing to help, but when presented with the opportunity to help someone in need they avert their eyes and step over them. Feel free to share the post with anyone and everyone that could benefit from it.

    • Great read and blows out of the water the religious who say; humans are only good because god made us that way. Humans are 98% genetically the same as our nearest relative. In a recent study, chimpanzees showed flexibility in that they formed an empathic connection with a different species, including unknown members of that species. These results imply that human empathic flexibility is shared with related species.

      • That is really interesting. I’ll see if I can find more on that for myself to read. That truly shows that sentience comes with an understanding to care for and preserve a good relationship with other species. Helping others helps the one and the whole.

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