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help the planet, appreciate the planet

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  • Roots of and Solutions for Poverty

    The problems with poverty are multi-faceted, including both causes and effects that are systemic and … dare it be said … self-sustaining and dynamic in nature, often exacerbating the original causes and creating an ever-increasing detrimental impact for those...

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    • Thanks for sharing Marcus. Poverty has always been a major issue. Having moved to San Francisco recently from overseas I was astounded by the number of homeless in such a wealthy city. Many other countries and cities don’t have this problem to this extent, but then again, their culture often puts people and society before profits and has a greater emphasis on a fairer system of wealth distribution. I’m loving living in the U.S and learning about the people and culture, but one thing my partner and I really notice here is how much more ‘dog-eat-dog’ and ‘me-‘me-me’ the culture is. It’s not a criticism, just a noticing of the beliefs and values passed on from previous generations. You sound like the type of caring person the world needs more of! Thankyou!

    • I think you will find the larger cities will generally have a much higher homeless population, most notably perhaps in California where they do so much to both create and accommodate the homeless. You will also note in my experience, that people in the larger cities are much more unconcerned about people they do not know, and may come across as being more callous by and large. If you get a chance to travel some, especially, and again in my experience, out of the big cities and out of California, you may still run across the occasional bigot, but by and large, the people are far less concerned with who or what you are and only whether or not you are good people.

  • In Response to the Global Refugee Crisis

    Let us avoid, to the extent that we can, the arguments and differentiation between those refugees who are actual refugees fleeing war and its subsequent ravages and those immigrants who are“merely” fleeing oppression and impoverished conditions in their home...

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  • Do you believe that the very same governments that created the current situation in which we all must live, are the only viable solution to get us out of the situation we are all living in? Why or why not?

  • Profile picture of Marcus WC Tipton

    Marcus WC Tipton wrote a new post

    Why Government is not the Solution - And what is

    And what is the most likely solution?Government will most likely always be a necessary social construct. While there will always be those fiercely independent types who elect to live as far away from governmental authority and control as possible,...

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  • Profile picture of Marcus WC Tipton

    Marcus WC Tipton wrote a new post

    Sustainable Development and Social Responsibility

    Introducing a new way of doing things is never an easy task, especially when it comes to the development, planning, design and implementation of major Infrastructure Projects. “New and Improved” may be great at the supermarket but when it...

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    • I think it would add to the credibility of the post if you added hyperlinks to a number of keywords. For example: “Currently, negotiations are underway in Central America, Australia, the Philippines, two locations in Africa and other areas around the globe to implement such a system.”

      Who is negotiating with who over what? Also, what are the details behind a “Community Land Trust”

      I had to go into Google to get a better understanding of a number of items you addressed.

      • I was not thinking to use this site to link to all of my work, though it is certainly possible. The negotiations are in regards to energy projects we have going on, and in Australia and Philippines for community developments. We also have the potential to do the same in Australia. Unfortunately, much of the corporate end of our team left after our last work in West Africa so we are trying to rebuild a core team of retired or semi-retired corporate professionals to reestablish the businesses.

        I developed the Incorporated Model, but I will try to get my friend to write an article about the Community Land Trust models that will be used in Australia or for his projects, but from my perspective, I do not believe them to be so economically viable as the Incorporated Structure.

        Google is a good start, but I hope to be able to post a lot more information here as well as I look to build part of the team back up. The United Nations I am afraid, after a hundred years, now has a wish list of three hundred goals, many of which are great in their own right, but have nothing to do with sustainability. We also have nearly half the population of the world living in abject poverty, and while no, I am not blaming the UN or other organizations for that morass, neither have they done anything to resolve it either.

        As always the only one able to provide a solution will be we the people.

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