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  • Skincolorism – A Better Word For Racism

    Yes. Absolutely without a doubt, black lives matter.  However, dark-skinned people are just homo sapiens with dark skin. Nothing more and nothing less. Dark-skinned people are not more intelligent or less intelligent than people with pale skin. Throughout human history, people have had a tendency […] More

  • Why We Need A Separation of Church & State

    “The government of the United States is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion.” – John Adams, Treaty of Tripoli, 1796 In the United States, the First Amendment’s Establishment Clause prohibits the government from creating any laws “respecting an establishment of religion.” This […] More

  • Hurricane Barry Reveals Climate Change in Louisiana Coastal Areas

    Hurricane Barry, churning around in the Gulf of Mexico, was the first hurricane of the 2019 hurricane season. Intercoastal City, Louisiana, first felt the storm as a Category 1 hurricane as it made landfall, but the storm rapidly declined into a tropical storm. Although Hurricane […] More

  • Why Have Hundreds of Elephants Suddenly Died?

    Why have hundreds of elephants suddenly died in Botswana? I saw this tragic story on Digg from and wanted to share it with you here. Researchers in Botswana, where the world’s largest elephant population resides, are puzzled if the elephants are diseased or were […] More

  • Roots of and Solutions for Poverty

    The problems with poverty are multi-faceted, including both causes and effects that are systemic and … dare it be said … self-sustaining and dynamic in nature, often exacerbating the original causes and creating an ever-increasing detrimental impact for those under its grasp. There should be no […] More

  • If Dogs Don't See Color, Why Should We?

    A white person actually had the audacity to tell me at an animal clinic that some dogs just don’t like black people. As someone who works with animals for a living, you’d think she’d know that while dogs aren’t completely colorblind and can see in limited […] More

  • Confederate Memorials: Celebrating Racism, Erasing History

    “All those folks worried about erasing history when Confederate monuments come down will be thrilled to learn about the existence of books.” – Jamil Smith, August 16

     “All black Americans are born into a society which is determined—repeat, determined—that they shall never know the truth about themselves or their society.” – James Baldwin, “Black Power,” 1968 (in Baldwin, The Cross of Redemption: Uncollected Essays, Vintage Books, 2011, page 102)

  • The Good Samaritan Experiment

    Setting: Early 1970s, campus of Princeton University in New Jersey. Two behavioral scientists, John Darley and Daniel Batson, were interested in studying the psychology of pro-social behavior. Why do people do good things for others? To examine this question, they decided to study students at […] More

  • The Land of Unequal Opportunity

    Our country is divided. We pride ourselves in being a “melting pot” of people and offering equality to all who live within our borders. People travel to our country specifically to have the opportunities that were withheld from them in their own countries. But we […] More

  • The Politics of Decency?

    What is decency in a human being?   Ask twenty people on the street and you will get twenty different answers. The meaning of the word decency comprises a number of different values. The four most important in my view are the following. Ethics Honesty […] More

  • Can I Live?

    Can I live? Yes, everyday black people breathe differently than others. Because breathing differently means knowing and acknowledging we don’t have the same experiences as others on a day to day basis. We walk around with 10 ears and 20 pairs of eyes. I as […] More

  • Stop Pretending Black Lives Don't Matter

    We must use our voices now more than ever to protect those we love.  The color of one’s skin should never dictate whether or not their life is deemed worthy or not.  Blake Lives Matter.  Period.  There should be no discussion where someone disagrees with this.  Would you want to worry about a loved one every time they stepped out the door because of the color of their skin?  The African American community doesn’t want to do that anymore, either.  They never wanted to do so in the first place. We have to step up, and we have to do better for fighting for one another.  We must start spreading love instead of hate because ultimately spreading hate and not breaking these racists stigmas are costing people their lives more and more each day.  I hate that I had to write this piece because it means more people have died.  We must stop pretending their lives do not matter.  We must.

  • YES

    Yes Africa runs her course deep through my veins. My skin, is a smooth russet from centuries spent in the sun And my hair, as thick as a lion’s mane. I am African American And you, a Caucasian But what difference does skin color make? […] More

  • What Happened To Humble & Kind?

    Yesterday I saw so much hate on the internet.  It did not take me searching it out either.  Part of it was me merely scrolling and noticing a comment or two. I first saw someone talking about Canada’s plan during this pandemic to help with […] More

  • 20

    20 Reasons To Preserve Our Only Biosphere

    Twenty pictorial reasons to reverse the degradation that we are inflicting on our one and only planetary home. Planet Earth is Plan A. There is no Plan B. Many countries have flattened the curve on Covid 19. Why can’t we flatten the curve on industrial […] More

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