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While we love and appreciate your awesome support, it’s your financial backing that will speed up the change. The more financial backing and support we have, the more people we’ll reach (faster!), the more influence we’ll have and the quicker we’ll be able to ‘turn the global tide’. Our helpless animals, waterways, forests, oceans and planet rely on it… and they rely on us.

Where your financial support goes

Every cent is important to us and we do our best to ensure nothing is wasted. Your financial backing and support is directed into 4 key areas.

  1. Attracting more planet appreciators: Building supporter and poster numbers. Increasing our voice. Expanding our reach. Perpetuating this new type of planet appreciation movement to solve our most pressing problems.
  2. Sharing your planet appreciation content: Posting and sharing your planet appreciation posts with the rest of the world through our own social media channels and activities.
  3. Planet aid initiatives: Initiatives to help injured, orphaned and endangered wildlife, re-forestation, new eco sanctuaries and other planet rehabilitation initiatives.
  4. Admin, IT and compliance costs: An unavoidable expense unfortunately. But we keep them low.

Help us reach our initial goal of 1,000 Monthly Financial Backers and Supporters, and $100,000 a Month. Select your recurring monthly amount. You can cancel or alter your monthly contribution at any time.

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