Why I Am Not Buying American Until Trump Is Gone

Just yesterday, the 6th of August 2020, the lame-duck president of the United States announced a 10% tariff on Canadian aluminum. AGAIN! This man is not only a mad king, but he is also a demagogue who will do anything to show how tough he is, so tough that he craps on the best friend the USA has in the world – Canada.

The stupidity of this move is that IT COSTS AMERICANS MORE FOR ANY PRODUCT THEY BUY THAT HAS ALUMINUM IN IT. That’s how dumb this guy is. The 10% tariff is added on and paid for by Americans. 

His motives are as clear as glass. He is catering to the voters in Ohio. Aluminum is a major industry in this state. Coincidently, no Republican president has ever been elected who has not won the state of Ohio in the US elections. 

Trump sees himself as a tough guy. He admires dictators such as Vladimir Putin, Xi Jinping, and Bashar Al-assad.  And even Kim Jong Il if the truth is known. Trump has even mused on staying on as president for more than two terms just like the despots he admires. 

However, like most people of his ilk, he is a coward.  Two daughters of a New York podiatrist say that 50 years ago their father diagnosed President Donald Trump with bone spurs in his heels as a favor to the doctor’s landlord, Fred Trump, The New York Times reported. Trump received five deferments from the draft for military service during the Vietnam War. He received four education deferments while he was a college student and a fifth deferment in 1968 for a medical exemption after he graduated. He was quoted as saying “I wasn’t going to Vietnam,” his former lawyer Michael Cohen told congressional lawmakers during testimony. 

Trump will go to any extreme to retain the position of president to prevent himself from being dragged in manacles and shackles from the White House come January 20th, 2021. After this date, Trump becomes a private citizen, losing the protection of the office he holds. Hopefully will be bought before the courts where he will have to answer to his actions, both criminal and civil.

Canada and the USA have had disputes and spats over the years. This happens now and again between friends. Right now, Canada is the best friend the USA has got and he is spitting in Canada’s eye – figuratively speaking. Trump has no concept of loyalty. His loyalty to anyone extends as far as he can use people. When he finds they are of no further use to his selfish ambitions, he discards them.

Well, Mr. Trump, Canada is no patsy. We may not have the clout the USA has in the world but Canadians are tough and resilient. The American people are our friends. You are not. I hope all Canadians boycott American goods. Not to hurt the American people but to hurt Trump’s chances of being re-elected. 

The Canada / USA friendship goes back to the very beginnings of independence for both the USA and Canada. It was solidified to a large extent under the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade. After the mid-20th century onwards, Canada and the United States became extremely close partners with Canada being a close ally of the United States during the Cold War not to mention World War 1 and World War 2. The international land border between the United States and Canada is the longest unprotected border in the world at almost 5,500 miles. It includes the border between Canada and the continental U.S. as well as the border between Alaska and northern Canada. This border does not have machine gun posts or armed guards or razor wire. It is a border between two friends – or was until Donald J. Trump was elected.

Trump is a destructor. He is not a builder. Even his famous Mexican / USA border wall has not been built. He does not have a clue about forging constructive relationships. 

Please, American voters; vote this idiot out to enable our two countries to get back to the normal relationship that has existed for over 300 years. 

BREAKING NEWS:  Canada to retaliate ‘dollar for dollar’ after U.S. slaps 10% tariff 

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Written by Michael Trigg

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