What Is Marriage Today?

What is marriage today? What should your marriage look like? It’s all about foundation and what you want that foundation to look like and represent. It’s all about whether the partner you have or potential partner sees the relationship in the same light or that it works in the way you want it to. 

     What values do you hold dear? It makes you ask all the questions that you never may have even thought you would be asking yourself. Of course, if you are thinking of marriage or close to it you may have asked yourself the important questions. But the important questions that you remember to ask yourself have come and so does more and more depending on the type of partner you pick. 

     It’s all about I guess your threshold and what you are willing to be okay with and that includes whatever happens. Who are you really when things get rocky in the relationship? When things aren’t as crystal clear how does one handle things? It’s a never-ending saga when you are in a relationship. 

     It’s all about through sickness and health and if you are an individual who is truly there to stay. It’s all about what you want. That’s all it is. Marriage is a binding of some common bond and goals that both people come together to have. 

     Marriage is a selfless act. It’s a bit like having a child. One must think of someone else’s thoughts and feelings when entering a marriage and not just his or her own. One must always be conscious that someone is in his or her presence, space. It’s a constant life choice, life decision. It’s critical to the foundation of the relationship because after all being with someone in a relationship is a conscious choice.

     If those goals and thoughts ever change and you disagree with them do you just leave? Or do you stay and work through it. When is enough, enough? Or is there even a question of if enough exists?    



Written by Evelyn Watkins

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  1. Next year, I will have been married to the same woman for 50 years. It takes 2 people to make a marriage work. And, work it is.

    Next: lots of patience, coupled with empathy and understanding. And lastly, it helps if you can both put the ego aside when necessary.

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